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Hey guys! I've started my channel and have been uploading at least twice a day, looking to collab with some youtubers who share interest in the topics in my Title (Film,NBA, Hip Hop)

Would also love any advice on growth or overall constructive criticism of the channel!

Would be interested in having debates about any of these topics so let me know!!
Bro, your videos are alllllll over the place. Are you trying for a personality driven channel or trying to drive the focus towards pop trends?
Where you picking up your 20 or so views, posting it on your twitter or facebook page sorta thing?

Saw that your spongemock was one of your highest views but also one of your latest I think. Depending on where you wanna go , I think explaining what is trending on BPT could be a very nice boon to you. I can't think of many folks of color who cover trending internet meme's which could be your claim to fame.
I actually haven't even promoted the channel on any social media platform yet, all word of mouth so far. I actually like the idea of trending internet memes and everyday topics. Would it be smarter to create a seperate channel for Film?

p.s: your Wear deodorant video had me dying hahaha
Hey if your still looking for a collab, I'd be down for some cross channel projects. I do Music stuff on my channel (usually top 10 albums), and would like to do something Hip-Hop related.
The OP hasn't been back to the forums in over 34 weeks, so I've locked this to prevent confusion about active collaborations. :)
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