Anxiety Dance Film Help

Hey guys!

As part of my grad films I'm doing another short, dance film based around the movements of anxiety. I was thinking of using a male dancer to try and subvert stereotypes and show the pressures that men feel in society, as typically they're "meant" to be strong etc. However I'm having a creative block and am unsure of what to do with the project. I've considered using a blind fold on the dancer, making them draw something and then letting the dancer see this art and make up a dance on the spot in relation to this - this means there's a level of anxiety of the unknown kind of if that makes sense. However I'm not confident with this idea and how to carry it out. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Is this something you'd be interested in?

Many thanks for your help! :)
How about messages that men get that can lead to anxiety? Things like "be a man" and "be strong" and "no crying!" and such?