1. Leeleekay

    Music I need help identifying this song

    Okay, so I heard this 2010s dance pop song at Steel Pier Boardwalk in Atlantic City. I played the sample on Online Sequencer and recorded it.
  2. W

    Music Music on Study Gone #ytshorts #music #Shorts | MISS GRACE

  3. Kellyb86

    This dance really means alot to me

  4. Kellyb86

    My new dance to Nightblue Music. Nikki Vianna, mambo is the song

  5. Ray Ramon


    Ray Ramon is a Nigerian born Australian multi award-winning Independent Artist, singer-songwriter and Music Producer. Bad Bad Man is the second release EP album of 2018 by Australia's Ray Ramon This main feature track was written bordering on Domestic Violence. Ray's campaign is quite clear...
  6. D

    Comedy Remote Collaboration

    Hey Everyone! I'm new around here, looking for a collaboration on a video I am doing. I have a comedy channel that has over 5,300 subscribers and I’m currently working on a cheesy comedy video where a specific dance move is erased from earth. I'm looking for a few people who aren't afraid to...
  7. The Mach Project

    A Dance Music Video about being a small YouTuber

    Let's enjoy following our passions while we can! :)
  8. 10ACITY

    What category does dance fit into?

    I usually choose the entertainment category, but it has a lot of competition, is too diverse and doesn't really define what my channel is. Dance, to me, could fit into music, entertainment and probably a few others. I am going to try using the music category for once because a bulk of my...
  9. Fox Beat

    No Copyright Music For Youtube Video

    Please check the video description for detail!! No Copyright Music For Youtube Video - Ship Wrek - Pain (ft. Mia Vaile) [Trap] No Copyright Music For Youtube Video - Ship Wrek, Zookeepers & Trauzers - Vessel [Trap]
  10. Ray Ramon

    Ray Ramon - Turn It Up 'N' Burn It Down

    “Turn It Up ‘N’ Burn it down” is a song written and sung by Australian Artist Ray Ramon and released on his Independent label Ray Ramon Records. The Nigerian Born Australian Singer songwriter and music producer is a multi award winning artist Turn It Up ‘N’ Burn It Down (#TIUBID) is regarded...
  11. bboytlil

    Anyone can dream, dreams aren't just for talent people, but to people who make it as their dreams!

    Anyone can dream, dreams aren't just for talent people, but to people who make it as their dreams! Shooting Star shows you guys parts of other cities In California while dancing, filming, meet new people, eating food, adventuring, doing street shows and going to Anime Gatherings & Conventions...
  12. bboytlil

    Dancing while traveling, eating and seeing new talent is the best feeling!

    YOOO~ Impaofsweden just recently made a English Cover to BTS song Wings and she did an amazing job with it that I just had use the song! This is one of my favorite song from the album since it gives you that awesome vibe and makes you just want to live it up! If you like anime, food, adventure...
  13. bboytlil

    Studio Session Vol. 34 - Flare Airflare To 1990 & (KYS) Windmill Flare (COMBOS) | bboytlil

    HEY all you awesome people out there, so this is my bboy weekly progression.This week in Studio Session Vol. 34 you'll be seeing my Flare Airflare To 1990 & (KYS) Windmill to Flare combos! I was always inspired by Bboy The End and watching him do his Windmill to Flare is just simply amazing...
  14. bboytlil

    Studio Session Vol. 33 - Flare To 1990 & Airflare To 1.5 (Progression) | bboytlil

    YOOO~ It's Friday so I gotta hit you guys with another Studio Session! This week in Studio Session Vol. 33 practice has been super good since I was able to hit my Flare To 1990s, Airflare To 1.5 and also I'm working on baby airflare! This airflare variation is freaking hard and insane, but once...
  15. bboytlil

    Hey everyone, so we starting off 2017 with our breakdance progression! :D

    Hey everyone, so we starting off 2017 with Studio Session Vol. 32! This week we'll be showing you our Bboy progression! We had a lot of fun and everyone definitely killed the dancefloor! I hope you guys enjoy the video and have an awesome weekend!
  16. 10ACITY

    Niche Market?

    Hey YTtalk members, I'm a dancer on YouTube and so don't have a huge market to make videos for. I love the dance community on YouTube because it is loving, constructive and helpful. It has proven, however, to be very difficult to break into. I've checked out some of the tags the big time...
  17. Ray Ramon

    Ray Ramon - Turn It Up 'N' Burn It Down

    Hi Guys I have just recently released my new music video "Turn It Up 'N' Burn It Down" on YouTube Check it out here featuring local talents in Newcastle, Australia. The song is about the everyday hard working people in various fields who just can’t wait for Friday Night just to turn up the...
  18. 42Blazing

    Gaming Necropolis And Unturned Collab

    Looking for people to play and record Necropolis and unturned with. I dont care how many subs you have you just gotta be fun so i can get some of them high quality funny moments!!
  19. Eclipse

    General Channel Review?

    Hello everyone! I leave for the Navy in one month, and have tried to work hard to have a channel in good standing before I leave. (Good standing meaning frequent, diverse content.) If any of you are willing, I would love a review on my channel in general... Branding, aesthetic, content... The...
  20. Eclipse

    My last dance cover before I go into the Navy!

    Exactly as the title says! I will be going to Navy boot camp in one month... Which means I most likely wont be able to do any more dance videos... Lol. I did a compilation of all my favorite songs that I've ever learned dances to, which is mostly K-pop but has some MJ and Sia thrown in! :) Peace ~
  21. darkstarmedia


    As a thank you to everyone who helped me reach over 400 subscribers, I present you with a little something I cooked up this afternoon. Please enjoy:
  22. LaurenLaFox

    Anxiety Dance Film Help

    Hey guys! As part of my grad films I'm doing another short, dance film based around the movements of anxiety. I was thinking of using a male dancer to try and subvert stereotypes and show the pressures that men feel in society, as typically they're "meant" to be strong etc. However I'm having...
  23. FraYoshi

    YouTube Italia wish a MERRY XMAS!!