Anyone can dream, dreams aren't just for talent people, but to people who make it as their dreams!


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Anyone can dream, dreams aren't just for talent people, but to people who make it as their dreams!

Shooting Star shows you guys parts of other cities In California while dancing, filming, meet new people, eating food, adventuring, doing street shows and going to Anime Gatherings & Conventions. All of these things are something I always dreamed of doing in the future my dreams finally became a reality with the help from my amazing friends. I remember 2 years ago Marcus and I were sitting in a car talking these visions. 2 years later we made it happen all because of a talent and a dream. I hope you guys had fun watching this video and puts a inspirational influence in your life, motivating you to keep doing what you love.

The reason why I dance and bboy is to inspire other kids, people and artist in this world. I remember 4 years ago. I was suffering from depression. I hated myself, I had no confidence and I thought about committing suicide. I felt like I was running endless circles chasing after nothing and watched everyone around me went to college, got career jobs and are doing what they love! I isolated myself from people and locked myself in my room and started making YouTube videos because I wanted to inspire people with their talent(s). I wanted to give people joy and happiness when I dance. I didn't want people to feel like they were alone when it comes to progress. I didn't want people to have suicidal thoughts like I did. To those who are hurt or feeling hopeless just know that there's people out there who believes in you. I know how it feel like and just remember that tomorrow is never promise.

If you like dancing, cosplaying, crafting, fashion, art, film, music or just anything that makes you happy in a positive way. I believe in and envy you all. Please stay strong, hope life and 2017 is treating you well. To all the people and artist out there. Keep doing what you love and don't let the obstacles stop you from what you love doing! I am so thankful for this gifted talent, but I am even more thankful to those, who supported us for our hardship and because of you guys, you made me who I am and where I am today!

Thanks for taking your time reading this long post.