copyright claim

  1. TheLittleWorldOfJonah

    I'm a lifestyle channel and I keep on getting claimed

    I am a lifestyle channel, I do covers a lot and I get copyright striked a lot. I also did a livestream and I had christmas music playing in the background and it keeps on getting monetized... any way to get over this?
  2. K

    Is this Company legit?

    I recently got a copyright claim for using the Seinfeld Theme Song in one of my videos, it was claimed by some company under the name of: [Merlin] IDOL Distribution On behalf of: Playtime I am wondering if this claim is legitimate seeing as there are so many "copyright trolls" on Youtube these...
  3. Nanonium

    Using Footage

    So basically I want to use footage, but I am not sure I will get in trouble or not, let me explain. I am playing Overwatch, the game ends, I hit record right before the play of the game and I record the POTG entirely. However, I did not ask for permission by the person who got POTG if they...
  4. KiddieToysReview

    Copyright Issue & Warning for Others

    We've got a copyright issue on the account whereby a video is monetized by someone else. I purchased a nursery rhymes collection from It comes with a licence to use content on Yt. Immediately after posting our latest video, I got a copyright claim stating there is...
  5. S

    Got a copyright claim on a CC-BY song [resolved]

    I'm so confused. :confused: When I went song-hunting I specifically looked for CC BY songs because I thought I'd be free to monetize the videos if I wished, but now my newest video got claimed. * The song has a Creative Commons CC-BY license on SoundCloud * CC-BY means free for commercial use...
  6. xiplays

    Help from Copyright experts?

    Hello everyone. In the last week I decided to give vlogging a shot by filming my fan experience at a soccer match. It was the game between Tottenham and Atletico Madrid - for anyone who's interested - and the video featured little footage of the game itself (which was taken by my own camera)...
  7. Kousuke-shii

    Avoiding Copyright?

    Hey guys. I just wanna ask you about how to avoid copyright claims especially for anime videos. I see these anime channels making commentaries and talking about anime but once I did this last week I got a content ID match which then lead to a copyright strike just yesterday. I just want to know...
  8. Kousuke-shii

    Did I get a copyright strike or not?

    So, I just uploaded a new video and 20 mins later it still isn't showing. I checked my email and saw that I got a copyright claim on my latest video. I disputed the claim and it says that the video will go back up and the copyright claimer will have 30 days to respond. If they don't respond...
  9. SandManOnly

    Copyright Claims!

    So I had an outro with a song called: Knife Party - Bonfire, and I have been using this outro for about 1 year or so and last week someone had the guts to copyright claim one of my videos only 1 because of the outro song -_- and I had to delete that video because the people who claimed the...
  10. VikkiinFlaw

    Copyright strike?

    Hey everyone, I'm doing a MTV True Life spoof and I was thinking of putting the True Life intro in the beginning of the video it's like 5-10 seconds, do you think I would get a copyright strike for that? I've seen other channels do it, but I don't know if its actually okay. What do you guys...
  11. Adeelcool

    Using pictures from google images

    Can I get a copyright strike from using a picture from google images?
  12. Sinser

    Song in an Intro

    If you only use like a 10 second clip of copyright music in your intro is that okay or not? Your answers would be appreciated.
  13. priincesseevee

    Is talking about anime, TV shows, video games illegal?

    Is talking about something like Pokemon for example illegal? Like if I make a video talking about or mentioning a series or something copyrighted, would my videos get taken down? And would it be the same if I included an image from it in my video?
  14. TopFelya

    Does Youtube protects up loaders videos and takes Copyrights issues seriously ?

    I've reported hundreds of videos( Mig-29 takeoff) which were re uploaded without my permission . Now some of the videos were reinstalled by YouTube and some of them got more then 3 million views and people still making money on them. Ive invested the money and time to produce my videos. And it...
  15. bikash

    Does any one know about United Clips Network?

    Does any one know about United Clips? i got copyright claims from this united clips but dont know what is this? network or channel . searched almost every day but no records found about this. they are making almost every day copyright claims. i think this is a scam some one making so if any one...
  16. cadetKei

    False Copyright Claims

    Ok, so a YouTuber ''I Hate Everything'' I watch quite frequently got a copyright strike from some ''company'' called ''[Merlin] CDLTD'', saying that he used a song from Dylan Dauzat, althought Dylan wasn't even involved with them or in this decision and there was no actual song stolen. And...
  17. Z

    Video Got Deleted. Any advice on NBA Copyright Strikes?

    Hi fellows, WERNING: Anglish isn't my Mative languaje, zo be ready to fin some errors. I trying me biast. I'll go right to the point, Not so long ago I've got my channel's main video deleted by the strike of NBA, it was pity as this video was very successful right from when it was uploaded, as...
  18. skepticalvoid

    Music to use and wont get copyrighted

    hey! I've been in your shoes and wanted to know what kind of music to use and not get copyrighted. there is a YouTube channel called NCS(no copyright sound) they have really good music. most of the times people use their music for gaming. you can also use YouTube's free royalty music. i hoped i...
  19. JayManOurMusicBox

    Copyright Info You Need To Know ... after 20+ years in the biz.

    So as per the title, I've been in the music business for over 20 years. Both in the traditional music business and digital online world as well. I am stating these credentials as I see from the sticky above that we should avoid giving advice about copyright if we aren't well verse with it...
  20. L

    I used music from the Youtube selctions and got a claim

    I thought the music that Youtube provide as options when you make a video were free to use and would not cause you issues - yet I used it and still got a copyright claim. What's going on there?