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  1. F

    Help With Reoccurring Copyright Claims

    Hi all, My channel (where I record & upload original nature recordings to) gets copyright claims like you wouldn’t believe. It’s understandable as bird calls do sound similar, meaning, you can identify a species of bird by its call .. so the algorithm (if that’s what they use) is always...
  2. C

    Copyright claim question

    Hi, I read that you can know immediately when you upload a video now whether you are going to run into a copyright claim at the “checks” step. I was wondering if it’s possible for the copyright claim to still happen at a later date, like after the video has monetized (maybe the content creator...
  3. LandyVlad

    Copyright stats (source: YouTube)

    Directly quoted from the YT website: Over the past five years, we've paid out over $2 billion to partners who have chosen to monetise their claims using Content ID. There are 9,000+ partners using Content ID, including many major network broadcasters, movie studios and record labels...
  4. Y

    Video takedown, copyright claim - cooking video

    Hey Guys, over two years ago I’ve uploaded a video where I’ve cooked something and used a recipe from an author. I gave said author credit in my description as “Credit: websitewithauthorsrecipe(dot) com”. The author was not mentioned by name, and the website was not the authors website but...
  5. T

    Need help!

    So the problem is i used a "copyrighted song" and the artist put a suggestion down in the description and created a pool with his link. I changed the music with youtube's song libraly, the claim is removed but the suggestion and pool are still there... i need to remove it or delete the video and...
  6. M

    Reused content or not

    Hello, Could you please tell me that this creations are reused content or not? It is very helpful to me. links are below
  7. C

    Content ID Claimed - Help!!!

    Hello, Is there any way to submit a content ID Claim and make it automatic claim? there are thousand users will re-upload my or someone videos right after we publish. I used to see many channels and many songs they do this way. Sorry for poor English but really need help. Hope to hear from...
  8. J

    False Copyright Claim

    Hello everyone, I'm dealing with a big issue and I hope someone have already experienced it and could help me with this situation. My channel with 600K Subs is under attack by a competitor that works in the same niche and decided to claim a lot of my own videos. Now I have 3 copyright strikes on...
  9. lonrot

    Should I appeal my video for fair use?

    I did a comedy critic about the misogyny of a music genre, which included extremely tiny clips of a song (CUATRO BABYS), this song was also commented and critiqued. There only two parts with this song, here: And here: The funny part is that...
  10. E

    copyright strikes question

    hi guys my channel back again from terminated last month and remove a 1 strike from my channel now i have 2 strike left now my 2 strike left is still gonna be expired on the same date & time that i see on my youtube status & features?? thanks for the answer. Best Regards
  11. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    What Is Fair Use On YouTube? - Copyright Fair Use For Dummies

  12. MD. Sopon

    Got A Copyright Claim NOT From The Copyright Holder? Pls Help

    Hello, I have to created some slide video and did not use any copyrighted material and create one slide "intro video". Problem is, recently I have to got huge copyright claim (40 videos) "Blocked in all countries" from " Bongo Holdings Pte Ltd " on my slide visual content (not audio) and my...
  13. UKHypnotist

    Spring Copyright Claim-Hunt Season Begins Early!

    Spring isn't here yet; however the annual Spring Copyright Claim Hunt has already begun! For those of you who are new to the forum or are unfamiliar with this yearly post series, every Spring brings out the Content Management Companies to begin their annual hunt for videos they don't own, yet...
  14. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Appeal Copyright Strikes On YouTube

    How To Appeal Copyright Strike On YouTube 2018 // Remove copyright strikes from your videos by appealing copyright claims. Sometimes you get false content ID claims or dinged with a copyright strike and you need to appeal under fair use, or dispute a copyright claim against your videos. How To...
  15. Farley Productions

    Copyrighted Song Changing Ownership or Falsely Claimed?

    A few years ago I finished a home-style movie named Final Confrontation. I made the decision in the final edit to use music for which I have the licenses for. AKA Royalty Free music. Most of which I purchased from Audiojungle. Every claim that came my way I had the appropriate license for and no...
  16. B

    "Add other people's videos to your playlists"?

    Now this seems extremely counter-intuitive to me but I read in a blog post that you should "add other people's popular videos to your playlists to improve rank and SEO" which would mean you would in effect capitalize on the popularity of other people's videos. Could it be that this isn't against...
  17. nguwusic

    Cover/Guitar Lesson Revenue Sharing - Networks, WeAreTheHits, ...

    Hi everyone, I've been quite active on my YouTube channel this last year where I make guitar lessons videos and I encounter on most of my videos the Copyright claiming that ends up with a revenue sharing. Does someone know the percentage that they take off the revenue made by one video ? I...
  18. Oblivions Echoing Anger

    My Videos Keep Being Copyrighted

    My live streams keep being copyrighted, when I say that I don't own anything. People, like the big name youtubers, get away with it. I don't know how to tell youtube that I don't own anything, and that I just play the game and live stream it. I have threatened to go back to twitch and live...
  19. R

    Received a 3rd Copyright Strike on My Channel

    Hi, 2 of my previous videos were copyright striked due to anime footage I used, which a Japanese company Didn't want. So that's fine, one of the strikes were due to expire in 2 days anyway. The real problem is the 3rd strike. A youtuber by the username Suzy lu, copyright striked my video titled...
  20. Tarek 47

    Please i need answer

    hello guys my channel get 1 strike from another competitive channel and i already give 2 strikes for this channel and the 3 is in process my questions is : 1 - if his channel terminated ..the strike he give me goes with his closed channel or still wait 3 months to end ? :( 2 - if his channel...
  21. K

    If a video gets copyright claimed does it get deleted?

    I've had one of my videos unfairly copyright claimed and it has been taken down and a strike has been applied to my channel. When I resolve the claim does the video come back with all the views, comments, likes etc or do I have to re-upload it?
  22. ApexTV

    Collab Copyright Claims

    Hey everyone, I'm making this thread to tell you guys about my experience with a company called Collab. So they recently made copyright claims on several of my videos. And it's very interesting that they only claim some of my most popular videos, all having over a million views. I immediately...
  23. Invisible

    Lego gameplays and Copyright claims

    Hello people, Did anyone got in to troubles with copyright claims when published gamelpays with Lego games (etc. Lego Batman or other games that are available on Steam)? Just curious if its safe to publish Lego gameplays - i can not find anything mentioned officially by Lego regarding...
  24. Raid MusicHD

    One of my videos got copyright claim, what should I do?

    Hi everyone, Raid from Raid MusicHD here. I hope everyone stay healthy and creative. Let's get straight So recently, one of my videos got copyright claim. I don't dispute this yet because a lot of people said that disputing copyright claim isn't the best answer. But I see a lot of YouTuber just...
  25. Farley Productions

    Copyright Claim by Shout Factory

    Today I recieved a copyright claim from a Media Streaming company known as Shout Factory. Nowhere on their Youtube or additional sites can I find that they are even using this Public Domain movie known as "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians." I did a review on this movie over a year ago but today...
  26. ToysForKids

    Quite the rocky start for a brand new channel

    A week ago or so we started our very first own channel. After uploading the first video we got two copyright claims on it. Both from blackbird chirping. I know the system is automatic and all but it's funny that I get a claim from something so uncopyrightable. I mean if I had to pick one thing...
  27. T

    Help ! I can't remove or replace the audio from a video because it has too may views!

    I've used a free audio on one of my videos a few months ago, but now it has a copyright claim appeared on that audio. The video has more than 100k of views and from what I've read I can't do nothing but to remove the video. Is that right ? It seems pretty stupid that because a free song is now...
  28. Dannyboy314

    Need some advice for Fair Use when it comes to WBTV

    So today I got an email stating that one of my videos has been claimed by WBTV. With this message: Video title: Arrow 5x15 "Fighting Fire With Fire" Review - Non-Spoiler Copyrighted content: Video clip Claimed by: WBTV Now I don't have a video clip in my video, I do have photos due to me doing...
  29. Scandinavian Freckles

    Speed up a popular song?

    Hi everyone. I am just gonna get right to it. I have an awesome idea for a video and I kinda need to use a song. I AM HORRIBLE at singing but if I REALLY need to do it I will. My question is.. If I use a song in my video , but speed it up or change the pitch, will I get a copyright claim? I...
  30. mbherdman

    Anyway to use copy written music?

    So next year I'm going to be working on some videos and I have an idea that would involve clips of music/music videos. Is there anyway to get around the whole copy right thing, like tweak the audio or anything like that? Or just ANYTHING at all I could do about the situation? Thanks so much for...