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A few years ago I finished a home-style movie named Final Confrontation. I made the decision in the final edit to use music for which I have the licenses for. AKA Royalty Free music. Most of which I purchased from Audiojungle. Every claim that came my way I had the appropriate license for and no problems whatsoever.

It wasn't until today that one claim did not match up with the song and license I had purchased years ago from Neosounds. I can't post up URLs here but the song I purchased a standard license for was called, "Epic Battle" by "Lynne Music" from composer "Pawel Blaszczak." If I was to recieve a claim I would expect it to be from the same company and/or composer. But instead I got "The Dark Age - Last Legion (album)" from a site called "CD Baby" from the company called, "Gravel Entertainment."

Upon researching and listening closely while also lining up the music it's an exact fit to my eyes and ears. I've never received a claim for this song until just now a couple of days ago. But before I appeal with my current license who is in the right? Did the copyright possibly transfer over and should I pursue the new license? Or should I battle with the one I currently own?

All I'm looking for is another opinion because I've never had an issue such as this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. =]



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Submit your counter claim anyway sighting your licence. It could be that a video has been entered into the content ID system using the same music by an MCN and that's how it's being picked up.
...if only there were a thread about what to do in similar circumstances.

I bet it would be a very important thread... probably enough to not only be stickied, but be the top one.