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    Services MELODYFLIX - Free Music For Content Creators

    Hi, I'm Pat, founder of, a website dedicated to providing handpicked free music for movies, games, applications, and podcasts. Hundreds of free music tracks are available for use in your YouTube videos - for commercial and monetization purposes. New music is uploaded every week...
  2. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    5 Royalty Free Music Sites - Copyright Free Background Music for Videos

    5 Royalty Free Music Sites - Copyright Free Background Music for Videos // Looking YouTube music for videos? No copyright free music for YouTube videos can be hard to find. Here are 5 Free Music Websites that offer non copyrights free from royalty free sources. Need free hip hop music, free rock...
  3. S

    Services Royalty-Free Music Track Pack for Videos | Sam Foster Sound

    I am Sam Foster, a freelance composer. I have a royalty-free track pack available! Perfect for YouTube videos, animated shorts. Buy the whole album (or individual tracks) here: I also do custom music as well:
  4. Tom Conti

    Services Free Premium Music For Your Projects - Free Royalty Free Music Directly From The Composer

    Finding good music on a budget is not always easy. Some do not even have a budget for the footage so, why spend money for each and every single music track? I am Tom, a songwriter/composer from Italy, and offer my compositions free of charge, also commercially, royalty-free. I currently have a...
  5. Teen Asty

    Royalty Free EDM Songs for your gaming videos (。◕‿◕。)

    Hi there (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Hope everything is going well I'm a DJ/Producer from Portugal and I love Music, Anime and Video games It would be really awesome to have my music on your videos ^_^ Wish everyone a wonderful week ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ
  6. S

    Services Sam Foster Sound | Experienced Film Composer for Hire

    I am Sam Foster, a freelance film composer looking for new projects! I've scored an indie feature film and multiple short films. I've also scored many animated shorts as well. For more info (demo reels, contact info, etc.), visit: If you're interested in custom music for a...
  7. Gmilk124


    Yo my names Eric Reprid, feel free to use any of my songs in your videos, just credit my soundcloud if you do :) All of my songs are on my youtube channel. You can download the songs off of my soundcloud: Also I don't have any instrumentals, all of my songs have...
  8. Jamie

    Services Free Music

    Hello YTtalk :) my name is Jamie and I'm a video game composer from Austria. On my YouTube channel I offer music of all kinds of different genres. So if you need any music for your videos, feel free to use mine! You can also hire me for composing customized music as well as sound design :)...
  9. Farley Productions

    Copyrighted Song Changing Ownership or Falsely Claimed?

    A few years ago I finished a home-style movie named Final Confrontation. I made the decision in the final edit to use music for which I have the licenses for. AKA Royalty Free music. Most of which I purchased from Audiojungle. Every claim that came my way I had the appropriate license for and no...
  10. M

    Music for Workout Videos?

    Hey everyone, I have been making my workout videos with music from the Youtube Audio Library and I'm getting so tired of using the same sounds over and over again, but they are very limited. I need ideas for good workout music (no copyright, obviously) I want something fun and upbeat but not...
  11. Mohaimin Ahmed

    Royalty Free Musics to use in YouTube videos - Download Instruction Provided

    Music List: 5. Chris Delendas - Filters 4. Cotarvoid-TrialPapers 3. Beat Your Competition - Vibe Tracks 2. Silent Partner - Spring in My Step 1. Kevin Macleod - Carefree Instruction to download: Go to our Facebook page and see the post for download links for each of the royalty free music...
  12. BassRebels

    50,000 SUBSCRIBERS

    I can't believe we have hit 50,000 subscribers already, thank you all for the amazing support so far and to all the awesome artists for allowing us to all use their music for free on YouTube :):)
  13. Whitesand

    Services Copyright Free Music

    Hi There, My name is Martynas and I make music for youtube. I mostly make copyright free instrumental, cinematic, piano, guitar-based original arrangements in a theme of motivational, emotional, inspiring themes. If you in need of copyright-free music for your videos - that's what my channel...
  14. Fox Beat

    [NO COPYRIGHT Tropical House Music] - F.A.S.S / Fuad Assani - Jungwok

    Summer, Happy, Bright, Vacation
  15. Fox Beat

    [No Copyright EDM Music] Fuad Assani - The Trap ~ Free D/L & Monetizable For Your Vid

  16. Fox Beat

    [No Copyright EDM Music] F.A.S.S - The Prophecy (Marshmello Bolly Style)

  17. Rolz

    Another royalty free music channel!

    If you guys haven't already checked out Argofox music, it's a must :) Great royalty free music!
  18. Scottnra

    Looking for better sources for free royalty free tunes

    I've messed with the usual that YouTube likes but still find options limited. I've seen multiple tiny channels using regular tunes and have a link to YouTube music in their descrption but I thought this was still a No No. I am looking for advice from those of you who have been there/Done that...
  19. BassRebels

    20,000 Subscribers THANK YOU

    Hey hope everyone had a great new year just before 2017 hit we reached an awesome 20,000 subscribers and I can thank you all enough for the amazing support & the artists who allow us to use their awesome No Copyright Music
  20. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Best Sources For Free Royalty Free Music

    Hello best friends,my name is Rohan & today in this videos I'm going to showing you the best sources for free royalty free music.As a content creator sometime we need to use background music on our videos,but the problem is if you want to use background music on your youtube videos they have to...
  21. Court


    Hello everyone! Yes you read that right, cheap Royalty free music you can use on your videos! (I sound like a sales man) You can buy and download the music (PM me for my bandcamp website ), or you can request a 1-2 minute piece for your video! 1 minute= 1$ 2 minute = 2$ Paypal is required if...
  22. Mitch Music

    Use my music in your videos!

    Hey hey! Here's our latest chill step free music release. Feel free to use this or any other song you find on our YouTube channel. We do a variety of chill step, hip hop, glitch hop, funk as well as "production/tv music" that could help enhance the mood and engagement in your videos. Hope you...
  23. Mitch Music

    Free Music For YouTubers

    Hey hey! We're a new channel dedicated to creating and releasing new music weekly for the YouTube Creator Community! All our music is free for YouTubers as well as copyright free/royalty free which means you can monetize your videos with our music in them and not worry about getting copyright...
  24. Mitch Music

    Use Our Music in Your Vlogs for Free!

    Hey hey! We are 2 composers on a mission to share our music with the YouTube Creator Community! All our songs are FREE & Copyright/Royalty Free so there is no risk of getting copyright claims or copyright strikes from us. Just make sure to credit us if you use any of our songs. That's it...
  25. Mitch Music

    Need Music without Copyright Issues?

    Hey hey! Just popping in to see if anyone wants some free music from a couple Mitches from Philly. We compose and record all original music tailored specifically to fit with video. Feel free to use any of the songs from our channel in your videos. You can monetize the videos too, we don't...
  26. Legend From Heaven

    Services Free Beautiful Background Music For Your YouTube Video

    Background music can do wonderful things for your video. It can help create emotion, drive the pace and flow. But counter to what you may believe, the most successful background music is the music that you didn't even know was there. I have a nice selection of free background music here for you...
  27. Rails2Revolution

    Help With Rejected Content ID Disputes

    Hey all, hope everything is well. I've been having multiple content ID disputes rejected in the past few months for using royalty free music purchased by networks (from back in the day when I had higher regard for MCN's). Has anyone else had experience with these problems? Problem is when...
  28. LifeAsJenny

    Finding Music

    I would love to use music for my videos. I know it has to be royalty free music. I've seen people use Soundcloud for their videos. Am i suppose to contact the person on Soundcloud and ask permission if i could use their music. Tell that person i would go ahead and link all their social media in...
  29. JayManOurMusicBox

    500 Subs!!! Up 300 subs in less than 1 day.

    I am totally in shock. I had 200 subs yesterday after 2 months on YT. And today I now have 500+ subs (588 to be exact). I gained 300 to 400 subs in less than 15 hours. Mainly from Reddit. I think some from changing some tags on my main videos after watching Video Creators and Roberto Blake.
  30. JayManOurMusicBox

    Milestone achieved and I am encouraged

    Just reached 4000 views. Pretty happy about it although most of the views are from my main video which has just reached 1000 view. :)