Copyright claim question


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I read that you can know immediately when you upload a video now whether you are going to run into a copyright claim at the “checks” step. I was wondering if it’s possible for the copyright claim to still happen at a later date, like after the video has monetized (maybe the content creator would only claim it after they see you have the potential to make money?)

Your bang on, the preliminary check is for music or audio that has been registered with YouTube’s copyright algorithm. It will compare your video with any music in their database and if it finds a match, your video will be flagged as non monetizeable.

That being said, anybody at any time can make a copyright claim against any of your videos. What that means is yes… someone could recognize their work in your video, and wait until the video starts generating views before submitting a copyright claim.

Reality is, this is already happening on the platform already. Although nobody will actually sit around and wait for your video to gain views before submitting a claim (whose got time for that!??), there is a huge issue with people who uploaded new musicians work, where the musician was more than happy to give permission for you to use their song in your video because they are a new artist and want some recognition. And while that particular artist was unlikely to submit a copyright claim (don’t bite the hand that feeds you), what WOULD happen is that particular artist would be picked up by a major label, and suddenly your “verbal permission” from the artist is now useless, because the song is now owned by the record label, and they WILL submit a copyright claim against their song in your video.

the only real sure to get around this is to use the big music subscription services that are popping up online, Epidemic Sound, Musicbed, Artlist Ect. These services guarantee royalty free usage while you are a subscriber and upload during your subscribed period, even if you leave their service after the fact. I personally also find their services easy to use, and a great selection of songs to choose from. My personal favourite is Epidemic sound, ( It’s loaded with some great music and they’ve added a new section for sound effects… something I have struggled to find for my videos over the years, is now all in one spot.

hope that helps!