Speed up a popular song?

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Hi everyone. I am just gonna get right to it.

I have an awesome idea for a video and I kinda need to use a song. I AM HORRIBLE at singing but if I REALLY need to do it I will. My question is.. If I use a song in my video , but speed it up or change the pitch, will I get a copyright claim?

I have thought about it and it won't sound like the original but I am not sure how it works..
Any advice helps :)

Thanks in advance, Have a lovely rest of the week <3
Question for you.

Why are you trying to circumvent the YouTube Rules to begin with? There must be A: Either a better video idea you could come up with or B: A way to alter your original idea in order to avoid using copyright media.
You could try to sing over a midi of it, or play it on piano or guitar yourself, then I don't think there's any issue. I got a claim once on royalty free music, because some other guy used it, sang over it and the computer thought I was using THAT and not the original which was free to use. Oy!
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