1. Surrendead

    Showboating Vikings - For Honor Campaign Part 1.5

    Chapter 1.5 of the knights storyline, so far its been really fun! Hope everyone enjoys watching as much as it was to make
  2. Justine

    PEWDIEPIE IS A NAZI?! | Overwatch Gameplay

    Except he isn't. He really isn't you guys. Before anyone kills me, yes I will have a straight up gameplay video up tomorrow, I swear, but for now I wanna leech off a trending topic that I actually really care about, and that's regarding wether or not Pewdiepie is antisemetic. This is a touchy...
  3. Surrendead

    THIS TROLL BRIDGE GUARD - For Honor Campaign Part 1.4

    Hope you guys enjoy this small series of for honor campaign so far, let me know what you think of the campaign as well!
  4. Surrendead

    For Honor Campaign Part 1.3

    Campaign 1.3 for the For Honor series, hope you guys enjoy this episode!
  5. Surrendead

    For Honor - Campaign Playthrough Part 1.1

    Starting a new series for full playthrough of campaigns. Starting off with the newly released for honor!
  6. BrandyKoopa

    how can i improuve

    Hi guys, I'm pretty new to this whole lets play stuff This is probably the first time I'm taking it seriously :) My request for your reviewal is how my commentary and video quality has improved. How is my commentary overall? Would you watch another video on my channel, or does my...
  7. sparkypi

    How is my commentary?

    I've been working for a while now and finally have over 50 videos. My request for your reviewal is how my commentary and video quality has improved. My most recent video is "Space! - Portal 2 Part 18 (Story End)". This is the video linked to this request. How is my commentary overall? Would...
  8. K

    I have a Question about Recording an Online Game.

    Recording an Online Game So I've recently started to play more games on the PC and now I want to record some. However, If I record an "Online" Game, for example, ( Will people be able to hear my commentary in the "Actual" Game. If so, how would I be able to set up a party or...
  9. K

    PC Problem's

    Recording an Online Game So I've recently started to play more games on the PC and now I want to record some. However, If I record an "Online" Game, for example, ( Will people be able to hear my commentary in the "Actual" Game. If so, how would I be able to set up a party or...
  10. Tears of Fire

    Commentary Looking to collab! 13-16 year old commentary channels welcome!

    So I recently started YouTube and I'd love to collab with someone to help mine and probably their channel grow! The collaboration would involve talking about trending topics such as iDubbbz vs Tana Mongeau, Trap Nation hacking, YouTube drama and stuff like that! If you are interested, we would...
  11. BrandyKoopa


    thinking of doing commentary in my videos should i start with a headset or a mic ?
  12. Justine

    Is Youtube Broken?! | Overwatch Gameplay

    So I've been on Twitter talking about this but my views have been crazy weird lately; one day they'll be at one number and the next day they'll be at a lower number! I just wanted to talk about how broken Youtube currently is and get all of these issues put out there! Thanks for taking the time...
  13. JayPlaysOfficial

    Paint The Town Red | DEMO | KILLLLLLLL!!

    Paint The Town Red | DEMO | KILLLLLLLL!! New upload guys! Do enjoy
  14. JayPlaysOfficial

    Paranormal Activity 1 | MINDS OF THEIR OWN!!

    Welcome back to another video everyone! As you can tell, we are playing Paranormal Activity! This is just 1 of 3 Paranormal Activity Games..ENJOY!
  15. SnowAspire

    Gaming Skyrim/Fallout 4 Mod Review Partner(s)

    I am looking for an individual to help review Skyrim and Fallout 4 Mods. I currently review them by myself, but I feel that if there was more of a discussion about the mods in review between 2 or more people, the videos could be even more entertaining. Right now, I am doing Mod reviews once a...
  16. M

    Commentary Hey, i'm up for a collaboration

    The collaboration, at the moment, can be mostly commentary, or some not high performance demanding games. It would be about the gaming world, whatever topic there. I have 5 subscribers if that'd be a problem.
  17. iluvwheat

    Commentary Guest Starring on a Commentary Podcast

    So simply put, I'm interested in guest starring on a commentary podcast about the YouTube community or YouTube news. Since most people disclose their subscriber count, I'll do the same. 1,700. If that's relevant to you, then take it into account. Consider it, happy youtubing.
  18. Gamingprophet00

    Video and channel opinions and criticism? Helps a ton!

    So my newest video I've posted is probably my favorite because of the intro i made and i love that intro so much. But i would like to hear some critiques on that and my commentary following that and some other channel general critiques. I'm all ears!
  19. Nilla

    Commentary Looking to collab (200+ subs only)

    Basically what the title says. Looking for someone who has a similar sub count as me and does relatively the same type of content.
  20. I

    Looking for channel feedback

    Hi guys! I'm looking for some feedback on my videos. I know some of my older videos are bad in comparison to the newer ones, so try to give feedback on the newer videos! Channel link: Things I would like feedback on: Channel Intro: This...
  21. Baylze

    Pay To Win 101 (ft. Microtransactions)

    Hello everyone, my name is Bailey, better known as Baylze! If you enjoyed the video, then a like & comment would be much appreciated! If you REALLY liked the video - then subscribe to the channel for more awesome Gaming content! :D ▼▼▼▼▼ SOCIAL STUFF! ▼▼▼▼▼ Facebook | Afraid not. Instagram |...
  22. JayPlays

    Phantom Limb | WHAT A STRANGE GAME!!

  23. JayPlays

    Right Click To Necromance | WE SHALL RISE!!

    My recent video guys! Dont miss it :D
  24. Baylze

    Please review the COMMENTARY of this video! :)

    Hi guys, this section of the forum might be my favorite - because I love developing and learning with other small YouTubers like myself. For the most part, I've been the one giving critique, but now I need some of my own! I'd like the commentary of this video to be constructively criticized...
  25. G-Legend

    Gaming If you're a Battlefield (Or First Person Shooter) YouTuber, I Can Probably Serve You!

    So the content I make on YouTube is predominantly Battlefield tips to make others the best players they can be. I do go into other FPS games Like Titanfall 2 as well once in a while. If you have a similar channel, I might be able to serve you. Battlefield news, tips and strategies is the...
  26. xomegaxz

    My First Commentary! And Smite 100$ skin - Smite Joust Gameplay (Anubis)

    Here it is, my first commentary! I wasn't really planning to do one since I'm not fluent in English but I've decided to give it a go. The skin cost me about 100 dollars to get it through all the odyssey points. Hope you guys forgive me if I sound cringy or awkward or just mainly having a hard...
  27. Branden Morales


  28. C

    Commentary Looking For Friends

  29. Zacke23

    EPIC TEAM DEATHMATCH!! (Call of duty Advanced Warfare)

    Would appreciate it guys if you could check my video out.. added some commentary over it to kinda engage with my viewers! Thanks!
  30. Anjim

    Gaming YouTubers Play Together

    Hi I am doing a series on playing with different gaming YouTubers. Requirements are: It doesn't matter how many subs you have PC and PS4 only Message on my channel because if you up to it. I have Discord and Skype but I rarely check those. The style is inspired by Game Grumps and...