1. Taso

    Commentary Looking to collab.

    Just a small(er) channel, and wouldn't mind doing a collab with someone who gets my sense of humor. I do life stories and things of the like, so please check my videos and see if that's something you'd be able to work with. The games I play are Warframe and Paladins because my a** is broke lol...
  2. Jonesie

    Review my first video?

    Hello everyone, I just created my first video on YouTube, and I would love for y'all to check it out and tell me what you like, don't like, etc. I really want to gain subs fast, so if you have someone who would like the videos I upload (commentaries, lets plays, streams, vlogs, etc.) I'd be so...
  3. Kemono

    THE ALIEN DUDE IS GETTING ME | Infinite Warfare Zombies

    I don't know how to stop and I've failed many times, but is today finally the day I slay this beast?
  4. Mr.raspberryxd


    ITS THE SUPER MAN GLITCH!!! [Hello Neighbor:Alpha testing] This glitch got me so p****d off rn..... like I cant be doing this!! Thank you everyone who spent their time watching my video! tell me what u think
  5. Dangerousity

    Do you like commentaries and want to colab

    Ayy, Danger here. Im a new youtuber who does commentary videos. Here is a link to my channel: I werent able to links here so follow me on twitter, its a link there: @dangerousity_ I'm 14 years old and at this time i have 14 subscribers on youtube. If you are around the same size, age and does...
  6. D

    Scary Game (Lower The Volumes Of Your Headphone)

    Don't watch it unless you have been to the bathroom( I'm not kidding)
  7. Kemono

    We must help little Kevin!

    This little guy is trapped in a game and we have to help him escape... but is it even possible?
  8. QuestionBoxEntertainment

    Wonder Women looks AWESOME!!!!

    Wonder Women Trailer Reaction QuestionBoxEntertianment Reacts to the Second Wonder Women Trailer
  9. DisStalker

    Crazy Pipe - Turmoil #12

    We make a weird looking pipe Hope you Enjoy:D
  10. Kemono

    Mark of the Ninja! (mission 1)

    I played this game maybe like 4-5 years ago on the 360 and it is like nostalgia for me. A great plat-former indeed. I hope you guys enjoy!
  11. Surrendead

    Battlefield 1 Campaign Full Play Part 2 "Friends in High Places

    Hi everyone! This is a taste of my commentary while playing through the battlefield 1 campaign, I try to keep talking to a minimum during the cutscenes, so let me know what you guys think of the commentary, thanks!

    You're Been Watched|LBP3 Horror

    So even little big planet 3 is scary... to me anyways! I explore a abandoned house... let's see what is go
  13. Kemono

    Skyrim Remastered: Hilarious | Prologue

    The most amazing game of all time is played by yours truly. I hope you enjoy! I talk a lot of sh#t. but don't worry about that...

    Takeo stole my sandwich|Zetsuboa No Shima Challenge

    So in this video guys I play zetsuboa no shima! The challenge is to buy 1 box and the shiva and that's it! And throughout as the title says. Takeo looks for his beautiful sandwich bit of ham, cheese some eggs... I'm gonna go make one..
  15. Kemono

    Blood and Bacon: Part 3 | Gore, Gore, Gore

    I play this gory and epic game for the third time! Check it out guys! Hope you enjoy!
  16. B0neCh3wer

    Commentary Looking to start Commentary Collab

    Hey guys, so right now I'm doing those s****y Illuminati Confirmed videos, but as stated before, thy are pretty crap, so I've been thinking about what new content can I create? I came to the conclusion of Commentary, but changing your content is a big deal! So I don't want to do it alone, so...
  17. Kemono


  18. Justice

    How can my commentary improve?

    I understand I have a long way to go to get to where I want to be, but just wondering what you think of my commentary during my videos. Here is my latest one as an example :)
  19. Kemono

    You gotta love your mom, Check out this vid!

    Check out my MW2 Commentary on Mom's! I love my mom to death and I tell the story, a bit 'preachy' but it's all good. Check it out and I hope you guys enjoy!
  20. Kemono

    Mr. President Easter Egg levels

    Hey guys I posted all the Wrestling Easter egg levels on my channel, here's the video! The game is hilarious and I hope you enjoy! Also part 2 to the main story is on my channel as well.
  21. Kemono

    Check out these Quizlets

    I post mainly gaming videos but I want to see how videos like these will fly on my new channel. Check it out and I hope you enjoy, thank you so much!
  22. ProjectJamesify

    I've changed things up, review please!

    So what's new? Microphone quality increased; Intro changed; Editing lowered; Pace changed; Facecam removed. Stuntfest is a hilariously funny ragdoll vehicle-based physics playground video game thing from the makers of Next Car Game Wreckfest. Any constructive feedback on the video (not the...
  23. Frequency

    Commentary I need a co-host for a podcast

    Hello, I am looking for someone that can pull a long lasting conversation and that can be part of a new podcast. I am a small youtuber that is trying to grow, so anyone who is interested please send me your skype username.
  24. GucciCarry

    Random s**t Saturday Ep. #4 : Doctor d**k (Help Me Doctor!)

  25. Game Busters

    Hellllloo, ladies and gentlemen!

    Dear YT fam, We're fairly new YouTubers, Game Busters, hoping to get some feedback from the rest of the wonderful YouTube community! Any and all criticism will be considered constructive! We're eager to hear from you guys as some, if not most, of you are more experienced than us in...
  26. The Happy Gamer

    The Risk of Hard Work

    I've had something on my mind for the past several weeks that I've really wanted to talk to you guys about, and that is the risk of hard work. Also, I have disabled ads for this video because I really don't care about getting anything from it. I really just want you to get something out of it...
  27. RazeReckage

    How's Life Video | 50 sub goal | GIVEAWAY

    Hey everyone! Can you all please checkout my channel? This is my latest video! Contains info about me, my channel goal and upcoming giveaway! Enjoy!
  28. I

    I need feedback on my choice of thumbnails and content plz help :)
  29. En_crypted

    Commentary Commentary Collab anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone wants to collab and make some commentary videos just chatting, gaming or actually making a video But I have requirements have to have over 100 subscribers some what good at editing and photoshop have a PC have Gmod and Steam I don't think it matters much for the last...
  30. Jgaust Online

    Who would've thought?

    That a rinky-dink channel like mine would attract 40 subscribers? Seriously, that means 40 other people out there enjoy my gaming videos enough to hit the subscribe button! IDK about you guys but I am pretty picky with who I subscribe to. It's a mind blowing and AMAZING feeling. Had to get...