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Tears of Fire

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So I recently started YouTube and I'd love to collab with someone to help mine and probably their channel grow! The collaboration would involve talking about trending topics such as iDubbbz vs Tana Mongeau, Trap Nation hacking, YouTube drama and stuff like that! If you are interested, we would probably make a video on each of our channels however I'd only like 13-16 years olds in the collabs because that's my kinda age category! At the moment I have 25 subscribers however I get around 60 views a video!
Hey! I match this perfectly! I'm 14 next month and I make gaming videos, I'm starting to make challenges, vlogs and other cool stuff! I want to start making a few commentary videos as well!
If you wanna message me back, my twitter is Official_ZaFox
I would love to collab we make commentary videos and we have the same amount of subscribers also we are in the same age range

my twitter if u want to dm me: Top11Speed
I have a pretty spicey mic and a monotone voice so i think this matches me perfectly, do ya have discord
I'd Love To, I'm Always Looking For People That Want To Talk About YouTube[DOUBLEPOST=1501281223,1501281198][/DOUBLEPOST]Add me on Discord brix#7243

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