1. Elpixion

    Camera upgrade help

    So my faithful lumix camera is now falling apart and for a vlogger that is bad news as i can no longer bring it with me, and the other 720p camera cant hold a charge, but i can upgrade i want a lumix camera as i know how to use them, it needs a flip screen (for obvious reasons) and needs to film...
  2. Sbrininger

    Equipment & software suggestions for 9 year old?

    My daughter turns 9 in July and what she wants "more than anything in the world" is to create videos and have her own YouTube channel. Currently she only has an iPad 2 and is using that to create videos with her friends. As you can imagine, the audio and video are pretty bad, so we are looking...
  3. Becky Keegan

    Should I Change From Bridge Camera Recording to IPhone Recording?

    Hey there! So a couple of years ago I made the huge mistake of not researching properly before I asked for a certain camera for Christmas. The camera in question is absolutely fantastic for photos...but it only records 640p on the video mode. I'm thinking of switching to using my IPhone 5s which...
  4. ZachOnTheRun

    I need vlogging help!

    Now, before you say what the best camera is. I'm just deciding between what I have. I have a GoPro which I have vlogged with for years and I love it. It already has a stand. I can turn it easy from my face to whatever is in front of me. It's just much easier to use. But now I got a galaxy j3...
  5. Efa Strömberg

    What kind of Video Camera should i use?

    Since i don't have much money right now i am wondering if anyone of you know any budget camera?,i can go up to 300 dollar.
  6. K

    Camera Suspension Arm

    Hi, guys. I am looking for a suspension arm to hold my Sony A5000 (400 grams/0.8 lbs) exactly like you would normally suspend a microphone (Google Images: microphone suspension) Any suggestions or pointers to where I could acquire such an arm? Or ways to modify one to fit my purpose? PS...
  7. Derrick Toys

    What is best editing for thumbnails?

    Help! I'm resulting with grainy thumbnails and can't figure how to get the crisp HD quality pictures I so long for. I choose thumbnails from a still imagine while editing (it's a mission to get toddlers still for a photo) hehe Perhaps this is where I go wrong? Would appreciate any...
  8. Kaylee

    What phone to use for vlogging?

    I just started vlogging recently. The camera I'm using isn't that great though and it's huge and hard for me to carry around. It's a Fujifilm Finepix S8630 and was a christmas present a few years ago. It's not a dslr though, and even though it's adequate, I would like something that's easier...
  9. Nicky Furmage

    Whats your point and shoot camera of choice?

    Just wondering what everyones using vlogging wise, im looking at purchasing a G7X mk2 in the future. What you using and why what are your thoughts?
  10. Psycho

    Recording SETUP

    Hi, I'm a new youtuber and i have to spend ages making videos as EVERYTHINGGG is done on 1 ipad from recording to editing and creating thumbnails :( Can someone show me cheap good quality microphone cameras and other essential for a setup Thanks much appreciated
  11. olimueller

    Voice over... i am not used to listen to my own voice

    I wonder if i am the only one who think its strange to hear your own voice on a voice over. I made my first video in which i am talking. As you can tell, English isnt my mothertongue and i wonder if the voice aspect of the video is ok? I mean voice itself, tone, language and overall...
  12. KingleBricks


    Just thought I'd give my two cents about the dslr vs point and shoot discussion, personally i just bought a canon rebel sl1 for making my videos and the quality jumped through the roof! as far as point and shoot goes i think they are fine for making youtube content but there is also competition...
  13. Alexander Williams

    Camera and lenses advice! (Please)!

    Hi everyone, hope all is well! I have a few questions! (Apologies)! So I've been doing YouTube a wee while now but had to give it up in June last year and sell all my stuff as well! (Long long story)! But in April this year I will have the opportunity to begin it again! WEHEY! So I want...
  14. Rolz

    Lighting for videos?

    Hi guys whatsup! Hope you are all well. Just a quick question(mod feel free to move this if its in the wrong place): When shooting your actual videos (not recording gameplays) how do you get the lighting right? Do you just record in the morning when it's bright or do you situate some of those...
  15. M

    What camera would you recommend for fitness videos?

    Hello YouTubers! I started my channel recording videos with my iphone.. obviously the quality is pretty poor, but for starters, it's not the worse. However, I look forward to upgrading sometime within the next month or two. Can anyone recommend a good camera for recording? (Specifically...
  16. Nicky Furmage

    Thinking about an upgrade?...

    Hi Guys Im after a new camera, most of my recent content is shot on an old Panasonic SD40 ive had since 2011, im happy with my videos but want some better quality. Recommendations/feedback on cameras your using for vlogs welcome, i dont want anything too big somthing the size of what im using...
  17. Toni Bee

    Vlogging Camera

    Hi! So I've been vlogging with a Sony NEX5 but I cannot use that camera anymore. So I wanted to get a new camera for vlogging thats no more than $300. I've been looking at the Canon powershot N2 but I wont be able to get it for a while and there's not much on the market (except for ebay but I...
  18. Tisha


    Right now I'm using my Canon rebel Ti5 for my vids but I'm thinking about investing into another backup camera. I'm looking for something that's HD and screen is super clear. Plus I would also like to upgrade my vlogging camera (so I can stop using my phone. Lol ) Any recommendations?
  19. CorinneBryan

    New camera, trying to figure out lighting :) Plus DECEMBER Favourites!

    Hey everyone! My december favourites are here! New camera so trying to learn about lighting etc :D Take a peek :D
  20. Maarij Bashir

    Best camera for video recording?

    I'm planning on getting a new camera! Just wondering what are good cameras that can improve the quality of my videos? My budget is around $500-800.
  21. JRuncie

    What is wrong with the new GoPro Hero 5 Black??

    In under two weeks we've now been through 2 and working on our third GoPro. After trying to work with GoPro and not receiving any response we've decided to upload our experience to the web. Ps- we don't usually complain, but we would like some sort of clarification from GoPro about what happened.
  22. JRuncie

    GoPro Hero 5 Black WARNING!

    Just a heads up. We're uploading our experience with GoPro over the last week and a bit. In short we've now through 2 and working on our third Hero 5 Black. First the back screen died within 24 hours. The second had water leak into it without being fully submerged. We've captured footage of this...
  23. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    I can't believe I did this one day from my show!

  24. bearded bear

    how to shake the camera vigorously for gaming vides an adobe premire pro

    hello the software I use for my videos is adobe premier pro. and in some you tubers videos like pewdiepie and markiplier and the Russian badger that they will shake the camera in game their playing and I was wondering how to shake it vigorously like they do. please someone help

    What camera do you use?

    Hello everyone just wondering what camera you use to record videos and what's your opinion of it? I'm using the canon eos 1200D and it's okay to record with but has no autofocus so can be problematic. What's yours?
  26. Scandinavian Freckles

    Should I wait ?

    Hi, I was wondering a few things and hopefully you guys can help ! I am currently self employed and don't really have enough money to buy all the great equipment and stuff so up until now I have filmed a few videos on my phone ( Samsung Grand Prime) and the quality isn't the great but I want to...
  27. danny1243

    LPT:Make your own macro lens with a laser lens and a bobby pin! /q5vIA2GTXQQ This video from threadbanger (that isn't mine) goes into more detail, it seems very helpful for anyone who records with their phone's camera. Sorry, you'll have to remove the space between the / because I can't post links or create a link in a word.
  28. AM2PM

    Affordable DSLR for HD Video

    I'd love to upgrade my camera. Any suggestions for a DSLR that is under 500 that does 1080p with autofocus? Thanks!
  29. Swecam

    Best summer montage of all time?

    I really put down a lot of work in to this summer montage so please leave your opinions in the comments. And is this video better the my previous summer montages. Cause this one I clearly more divorce with trampoline, longboard, waterskiing and sailing. And do you guys have any thoughts on...
  30. Swecam

    Please review my video

    I'm going to ask you guys for a favor, and I hope you can learn something to. Could you review my video? And if you guys have any question I will make sure too answer them.