1. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Add End Cards To YouTube Videos

  2. Scoopd

    Is there an annotations workaround?

    I have a video with a narration running through it and at one point it says my product has had 50,000 hits on Youtube. Since that vide was made it has now gone up to 75,000. Now previously I would just have an annotation that said "now 75,000 views rather than getting the video redone and...
  3. O

    Annotation removal. Not understanding the problem

    Why is everyone freaking out that YouTube is removing annotations. No one ever clicks on mine but clicks on cards I add in the middle or the video or at the end. People are complaining that by removing annotations you can't add links anymore in the video which is false.
  4. wasabiroots

    Goodbye Annotations

    You would have no more choice it seems. At least it says existing annotations will remain. Are you prepared for the change?
  5. V

    Multi-player board game (like Life) Each space has video. Navigation: Annotations? End screen?

    I'm creating a game (similar to Game of Life) where players take turns rolling a die to see how many spaces they move forward, then they do whatever is marked on that space before then next player takes a turn. Each space has a video, so when they land on that space, they play that video...
  6. Z

    Did youtubes new end screen annotation system wipe all old work on videos?

    So this is rather late to ask this as youtube made this change to the annotation system many months ago now. My point is I have many videos before that time and I put clickable things at the end of them. Since youtube changed the annotation system does that mean all my old videos have no...
  7. P

    Can I disable annotations/watermark from showing on one upload?

    But still be visible on the rest of my videos. Basically is there anyway for this particular video to have annotations automatically disabled for the audience? Thanks in advance for any replies!
  8. Traveling Fever

    Anyone know how to use the new annotations feature?

    I am not sure if this is new or not but I really dig it! I have only seen this on Casey Neistat's videos and a few others. When you get to the end of his videos he has a few options like a image of his face and you can click on it to subscribe. He also has a image of a video and if you click...
  9. SeanFace101

    How do i do an Image Annotation on my video?

    How do I put and Image / photo over one of my videos (either with link or not)? Just like an annotation but part of the actual video?
  10. IsaacAdni

    How to get website clicks & newsletter subscribes?

    I'm a musician. Since I don't release stuff very often, it's very hard to keep YouTube subscribers engaged. As such, I'm trying to build an email list. The signup form for my email list can be found on the homepage of my website ( However, I'm finding it very hard to get people to...
  11. SeanFace101

    Do annotations show up on videos when played on a phone?

    Do viewers of my videos see the annotations on them if they are watching my videos on a phone or ipad or something similar? I thought they did but I just told my friend who I'm sitting with to watch one of my video and he done it using his phone and I noticed there was no "Subscribe" annotations...
  12. SeanFace101

    Adding An Annotation Rined My Video Quality!

    I added a new annotation to one of my videos that i have had on my channels for a good while now and it made the video quality really bad when before it was quite ok. The video is called "Mark, Wiggy & Mick Dancing Drunk In Wiggys House (Big Fail)" on my channel. How do i fix it?
  13. SeanFace101

    Annotations vs Cards?

    Which do you prefer to use in your videos to tell your viewer about a link, playlist or other video? Annotations or Cards? I don't have many annotations in my videos, but I have been starting to add quite a few cards across my videos. Not sure which I prefer though as I'm not sure which works...
  14. AuthorFilms Studios

    Youtube's broke again?! [SOLVED]

    My annotations aren't working and keep disappearing and the player crashes. When I try to upload a custom thumbnail, it doesn't work and shows one of YouTube's default. When I edit a video description while uploading or in the video manager, it lags and takes forever, sometimes freezing. When I...
  15. itsonbtv

    Are End Cards Still Needed?

    YouTube is constantly evolving and end cards have been a great way of getting people to subscribe and click over to another specific video, but with the newer feature CARDS, it makes it easier and works on mobile unlike the end cards we have to make ourselves and then add annotations to them...
  16. Prateek


    Hola Youtubers! So basically I've uploaded two videos already and my annotations wont appear in my video even though I have already set it up. I thought it was a glitch at first but apparently it's been like that for the next video as well. I don't know what to do, apparently I can't see them...
  17. O

    Way to organize/enhance my channel

    I'm trying to focus my spare time to organizing/enhancing my channel. I hardly have annotations/cards etc. I have a few questions on how I should go about this. 1. Should I have cards and annotations on all my videos? With each video have my recent video as my first card. 2. Should I...