Is there an annotations workaround?


I have a video with a narration running through it and at one point it says my product has had 50,000 hits on Youtube. Since that vide was made it has now gone up to 75,000. Now previously I would just have an annotation that said "now 75,000 views rather than getting the video redone and starting from scratch.

Now that they have done away with annotations is there anything I can use to have something flash up on the screen instead of having to get a brand new video made?

No, not that I know of. That was one of the things that annotations was useful for. - Correcting mistakes or updating info via the "note annotation" - I'm pretty sure "cards" can't do that, unfortunately.

It's not the same I know, but you could write a comment with the correction and "pin" the comment to ensure it's top comment.
No I don't think that's possible anymore like crown said you can pin your tip comment that has whatever information you need to tell them about the video or you could add s message to your video with using the message feature it puts a measage in the notifications right next to your video. You can can also send out individual messages using YouTubes new feature
Thats the main thing I don't like about the fact they got rid of annotations, I really liked the fact you could just make a quick comment on your videos without having to actually change them
They should have introduced something similar to it, to replace it better than cards did, in my opinion..
Like others have said, you should pin the comment. You should also add it in your description.

I hope they bring back the old annotations in some way, shape, or form as well as keep the current annotations we have now. They are both equally good and I don't understand why we have to have one without the other.