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How do I put and Image / photo over one of my videos (either with link or not)? Just like an annotation but part of the actual video?
The best way ive found is to use gimp, apply an alpha channel to the image, erase the back ground, save it as a png and import it to the video software, i use sony vegas studios
oh yeah, applying an alpha channel alpha channel can be done by right clicking the layer and its at the bottom, and to save as a png, just save it as a .png in the name[DOUBLEPOST=1470775747,1470775679][/DOUBLEPOST]If you look at some of my newer work thats all i do and i think it gives me a lot of freedom to compose my shot :), it can also work for transparency
Just checked out your channel and gave you a sub. :D Scottish. :D Where abouts in Scotland you from, I'm from Glasgow. :D

I'm downloading Gimp just now and give it a go :D .. Thanks. :p
Thank you :) believe it or not I'm from paisley, we're why you have that daft lion in your train station xD my girlfriend likes your budgies lol