overlay image on video

  1. DJfooddestroyer

    Request [Free] Logo Overlay

    Would It Be Possible is Anyone Could Make Me A Logo Which Says DJFD that has a transparent background that is purple to put on my 100 sub special unfortunately I will not be able pay for this so it will have to be free thankyou so much if you can -Dan
  2. XGNDanger

    Request Simple Overlay Banner :)

    All I'm asking for, is a nice and simple black and blue Twitch overlay banner template that shows my other social medias and Facecam... I don't have any bank account to pay for the overlay... So..... If you can do a simple overlay template then I would appreciate it if you made me one... If you...
  3. SeanFace101

    How do i do an Image Annotation on my video?

    How do I put and Image / photo over one of my videos (either with link or not)? Just like an annotation but part of the actual video?