I Love YTtalk
Do viewers of my videos see the annotations on them if they are watching my videos on a phone or ipad or something similar? I thought they did but I just told my friend who I'm sitting with to watch one of my video and he done it using his phone and I noticed there was no "Subscribe" annotations and no text annotations "Titles" either.
Nope , they don't work, and it's sad cuz according to my analytics, almost half my viewers watch my videos on mobile.

But the good news is, is that youtube has developed replacements for these annotations, which right now only certain big channels can use. It's only a matter of time until they let the rest of us use them.
What are the replacements that the bigger channels can use? Do you know of a video that has any the new things on it so I can see?
If they use the browser and have it set to "Desktop" mode they will get ads....on a Windows phone, im not sure about iphones or androids.