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  1. Y

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  2. B

    "Subscribe" button instead of the logo during video running time

    I saw this method by a high concept channel - which grows extremely fast - where they have a small "subscribe" button in the right bottom corner and NO logo in the left corner during videos - but they have the logo in the thumbnail, and I thought that they are doing this because the logo on...
  3. Fox Beat

    New YouTube Feature???

    Hi, I saw this popup appears on some channel, it's like call to subscribe popup, anyone can explain this feature to me? how to activate it on my channel?
  4. BrinoVlogs

    Does anyone get excited when you get new subs?

    idk if its me. But like everytime i tend to get a new subscriber i literally get goosebumps and feels like getting 1 mill subs LMAOO idk maybe im just crazy
  5. MrPeekay

    20 Subs

    So I know this is small, but I'm a small youtuber. I upload almost daily and have almost 40 videos now. I have 23 subscribers so I just hit one fifth of 100 subs and at 25 I will have a quarter of 100 which is only 2 subs away!
  6. R

    How do you make clickable subscribe button? (End Card)

    I'm kinda new to you tube, but how do you make a big round clickable subscribe button and link to a video like shown in this pic below? Thanks in advance!
  7. AM2PM

    Subscribe watermark doesn't seem to work

    Hey guys, I have a subscribe watermark on my channel and it sort of works. When I mouse over it something pops up. But I don't see the subscribe button. I just had a thought that I might not see it because I am me and not some other person who isn't the owner of the video. Or it's broken. Does...
  8. SeanFace101

    Do annotations show up on videos when played on a phone?

    Do viewers of my videos see the annotations on them if they are watching my videos on a phone or ipad or something similar? I thought they did but I just told my friend who I'm sitting with to watch one of my video and he done it using his phone and I noticed there was no "Subscribe" annotations...
  9. SandManOnly

    Over 300 Subscribers, I want my leather play button!!

    I have reached over 300 subs,and because of that youtube must give me my leather play button its only fair to everyone. Pwediepie got hid diamond one where's my leather one huh ? Okey so seriously its amazing that 300 people subscribed to my face and want more of my videos, be sure to check out...
  10. SeanFace101

    Unclickable Social Media Buttons on Channel. Why?

    On my channel, just above the Subscribe button at the top right, i have links / buttons to my Twitter, Google Plus 1, Facebook and LinkedIn.. Why are these buttons on my channel un-clickable? It it a bug on YouTube or something? or Have i added them wrong or something? ::P Anyone know?
  11. Freshly Finished

    How To Add A Subscribe Button To All Videos

    Hey everyone! I know you have all seen the various videos out there that have a little subscribe button on the bottom corner of the video. well if you would like to know how to do that, its pretty darn simple :) Step 1: click your profile photo on the top right of the screen and click "Creator...
  12. Morbidejs

    Subscribe button missing in my videos

    Hello everyone! I`m copletely new to YouTube, but for the last week did some intensive research on the basics. You can find thousands of usefull videos on same topics, but there is one little thing no one mentions in their videos about how to add a watermark and Subscribe button to your videos...