I have not used annotations in a few months myself. I think the addition of end cards was an amazing thing. In a way, I am kind of sad to see a piece of youtube history go, but at the same time i am not sad at all. R.I.P. annotations
I used the annotations heavily in my longest video I've ever made. It's over 6 hours and I used annotations to let people skip to wherever they wanna go. But I guess people usually just put the timestamps in the description and/or in the comments nowadays...
I don't use annotations much in the first place, but I'll miss the nostalgia of them!
But yeah, at least old ones will stay... I just wish they would implement a better alternative, since cards can only be used to link to other videos or linked websites
As other people said, I prefer end screens. I have used annotations in only one video since I have started, so I will probably not miss them
I used to use them when putting bible verses in my videos, but since I upgraded my software, Ive been putting the bible verses VIA a text quote into the videos and completely bypassing the annotations. I pefer the end screens anyways. it looks much more professional.