I use them a lot for comments in my technical videos, so it will be bad news for me.

Also according to my statistics, over 80% of my viewers use a PC, so that is totally at odds with the figures being bandied about by YT.

I don't understand why they are removing something that exists, and could remain.

Just YT forcing it's will upon the masses.
i never use them anymore so I'm not really too worried, I'm happy they are staying on old videos though as I used to have an outro which requires annotations to link to the previous video, and I have these on most of my older videos, so it would look odd without them, and in some other videos to link to a current video I was talking about at the time.

One thing I would like though is to be able to place an end card anywhere in the video, I know its called an end card but there was a point in my last video I needed to use it to promote someones channel, but it wasn't close enough to the end to place it where I wanted too so I had to use a normal card instead
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I don't understand what good this does. I found annotations to be pretty useful. They were good for leaving messages, linking Youtube videos, etc.
Sure, there's the cards system, but why even bother removing annotations. People still use them.
And for the people that find them annoying, you can just turn them off. There's no good reason to remove annotations.
Woops forgot to tell what I personally think about it.

Glad they say existing annotations will remain because of older videos. I do prefer endscreens for my outro 100% but I was hoping that annotations could still be used even with endscreens.

I mean I was hoping they could just restrict the time limit on using annotations to not overlap the endscreen and could still be used throughout the video if needed.

But oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
This feature was bound to go eventually, as YouTube is making their interface more mobile friendly. It was really obvious it was going to be phased out by the fact that annotations were never implemented in the mobile version. You'd think they'd do that eventually if they planned to keep it.
Booooo! D: I rely heavily on annotations for my tutorial's table of contents (most of my viewers watch them on a desktop anyway). I don't want people to have to hunt through the video to replay something, and we're not allowed an endless supply of cards for people to click on throughout the video. I hope YouTube comes up with a card replacement of the annotation that can appear anywhere in the video. Currently we can only use 5 cards, which is definitely not enough for me! T_T[DOUBLEPOST=1489730336,1489726549][/DOUBLEPOST]Hi @Scootakip [Lana],
I've merged your thread to this one. ^_^

I just left feedback for YouTube asking about some useful things that are missing with cards vs. annotations. I wonder if they will listen or get back to me? ^^
Finally! Those things are ugly and clutter up your screen so fast. Plus they were not working on mobile and that's where most views are coming from these days.

Granted, endscreens can also be used everywhere but at least you can't put in random information. And they look a bit better :)