I used them at the beginning of my YT career. I think they helped me to get views on other videos.
But since my videos get views on their own now I stopped but I do use the new end screen and I have seen some success with that now.
i believe annotation should be available along with end screen because Not everyone uses annotation as end screen. i frequently use it to add notes.
My videos are 8 hours long and I use annotations in the beginning of my videos to promote 3 other videos on my channel. I'm getting around 10000 clicks per month from that at the moment.

I also use cards but only generate around 2000 clicks per month. Using end cards on 8 hours videos is not going to generate any clicks because of the nature of my videos.

I wish they would allow end cards to be shown at the beginning of the video.
Every one is now moving mobile...Annotations are not functional on phones. YouTube cards are on both desktops and mobile devices, personally I haven't used it for a while so missing it? Hmmm, I don't think so.
Hi. New to YouTube and was planning a channel with annotations in mind. With this new change to end screens and cards, are you still able to link out at the end of the video to a playlist and to previous videos? You know, the "to watch our previous video, click here, and to watch all of our videos, click here" thing. Is that still possible?

Edit: Okay, did some research; looks like you still can do all that stuff.
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Youtube is discontinuing the annotation feature on may 2nd, but will you still be able to delete any existing annotations that you have on your videos after that?