Multi-player board game (like Life) Each space has video. Navigation: Annotations? End screen?


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I'm creating a game (similar to Game of Life) where players take turns rolling a die to see how many spaces they move forward, then they do whatever is marked on that space before then next player takes a turn. Each space has a video, so when they land on that space, they play that video. There are 56 spaces on the board, so 56 individual videos.

I would like to use some sort of annotations, end screen, etc to guide players to the next video just like the board guides them to the next space. One issue is that the players take turns. So, for instance, if player A lands on space 5 (so then plays video 5), at the end of that video, it's not their turn to move forward from that space, but player B's turn to roll the die and move 1-6 spaces from whichever space (and video) they happen to be on. For this reason, I can't just have a 1-6 choice of where to go next after each video.

Best I can think of is to recreate the entire board at the end of each video, and put an invisible annotation over each space so that clicking space 1 links to video 1, clicking space 2 links to video 2, etc. So, basically, it's just an image of the board where each space links to that video.

This would be a lot of work to set up, and I'd need some version of it after every turn, so, I'd want to just create this once and tack it onto the end of each video, or something similar.

First, is this workable? Is it feasible to fit the whole board on the screen (with all it's twists and turns) and overlay 56 annotations so it's basically a gameboard with clickable spaces?

Second, how do I do this once and tack it onto each video? Can I save the whole thing with annotations and all in video editor somehow and recall it again and again for each video?

Third, is there a better solution that works differently? Something that works on mobile? (from what I can tell, end-screens only give 4 links.)

The way you describe it, it could only be done with annotations but I wouldn't recommend it as YouTube are phasing out annotations because they don't work on mobile devices.
If I'm not mistaken things like this were big a few years ago. Annotation would be the only way, but it's not gonna be useful if they are phased out. Maybe video links? Like the ones they have at the end of videos.
Well, I need way more choices after each video than the endscreens allow, so what about putting them in order in playlist, but somehow setting playlist to NOT autoplay the next one, but rather put something at the end of each saying to roll, see on the board where you landed, then play the corresponding vid. Can I put in playlist while disabling autoplay of next in line?

It's too late to change the concept. It's a school project, and we've already shot some of the material. One way or another, it's all got to be released in a few months.[DOUBLEPOST=1484321849,1484259647][/DOUBLEPOST]Has YT announced any sort of timeframe for killing annotations? It's a school project that will debut in May of this year. I would, of course, like it to still function after that, though. Looking into printing a sheet of qr codes for each vid along with the game board so mobile users can link to each vid that way. Perhaps both in tandem, though, since that doesn't work for desktop users, and annotations don't work for mobile users.

Only downside I'm seeing in combined approach is that there'd be this big broken feature at the end of each video if and when they kill off annotations... although I guess I could forsee that, and make it so I can just trim that part off when the time comes.

Open to any other suggestions, or if anyone has any idea on timeframe.