Annotation removal. Not understanding the problem


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Why is everyone freaking out that YouTube is removing annotations. No one ever clicks on mine but clicks on cards I add in the middle or the video or at the end. People are complaining that by removing annotations you can't add links anymore in the video which is false.
I really don't think it's a big deal, most people use their mobile devices so they can't even click on the annotations. I personally prefer cards because they work on every device and the cards look better in videos.
Yeah i'm in the same boat. Cards are the way to go. Like Courtney said most people use mobile and don't even see annotations and other people just have them off.
I have a 30-35%-ish click rate on some of my video annotations... But that's because they are used as a table of contents for a long video, rather than a link to other videos. I might have 10 links in the table of contents that people can click on to view certain parts of the video. With cards, you cannot add more than 5 links, and none of the cards can link to a particular timestamp of the current video...

Losing the ability to add a clickable table of contents means it can now only exist in the description box -- and most people don't read descriptions (unless they are super YouTube users....).

That's why I'm sad to see annotations go. :( I can't use cards to link to timestamps of the current video, and if they were to change that, I can only use 5 links... I don't want viewers to have to fish through a 25 minute-long video if they are learning something in multiple practice sessions (and I don't want to split videos up into 5 parts, because that's messy and annoying)....
They were useful for correcting things on-screen. Example, if the person in the video says something wrong or gives out some information which is no longer true, then annotations is/was the only way to correct it using the "note" annotation. Also you could position them on the screen which was useful.

It's not a huge deal but yeah there were things you could do with annotations that you can't do with cards.
Now if they would add cards to TV and game console apps...
YES! My god it's annoying. I created a nice end card graphic with nice heading like 'previous video' and 'just for you' I had to remove the text because when playing back on the tv, nothing showed up. Hope they sort it, because it makes us look stupid
I'm not mad about it. But I guess people with 10 years of them all linked up will be mad when they stop working
The reason why people are flipping a lid is because all of their content has annotations at the end. It is honestly what the end screen is based on. And the best thing, it works like a charm across all devices!