1. abhinavguptaonline

    POLL + Your Process: How Much Do You Spend & What Promo/Marketing Do You Do AFTER Video Creation?

    Hey all, I wanted to put up a Poll and Process post to get some feedback on ideas, tips and tricks that you all do or have tried and what your procedure is to promote and grow each of your videos. The Poll will outline how much MONEY the average Youtuber spends after uploading their video (On a...
  2. Mr Danny

    Amount of videos vs. Promotion

    Hello YTTalkers! So as soon as January ends, I'm gonna have a lot more time to spend on YouTube, and I was wondering what you guys thought would help grow my channel the most: uploading 2 videos a week (instead of only 1 like I 'try' to do now) or spend the time that it would take me to make...
  3. DewyOtter

    Effectively utilising Social Media for promotion?

    I've heard all around, and I'm sure many people have as well, that social media is a good way to promote your content and draw your audience together. Now I've given social media a go, mainly Facebook, Twitter, other forums, etc. with some mixed results throughout the bunch. But my question...
  4. xingcat

    Almost, Maine Promo

    A little different one for me...this is a promotional video I made (really quickly) for the most recent show I'm directing at my local theater, "Almost, Maine" by John Cariani. The challenge is to show the play without any of the dialogue (which is copyrighted), so it's all set to my friend's...
  5. Jake Shipe

    Other Twitter Cross-Promotion

    Hey everyone! So this thread is for anyone who wants to help other youtubers out, and get help yourself! Everyone post your Twitter @ name, and we can all tweet about each other's videos... This can be very helpful in gaining new viewers!! My Twitter is @jakeshake1919 Leave a reply and we can...
  6. Martin van Rhee

    Want to grow my channel

    Hey how are you? I have a YT-channel with 440 subscribers. I am active 9 years now but I started promoting one year ago. I have a trickshot billiards channel with lot of insane shots. In the last years a lot of other trickshot artists came along but they do mainly pool trickshots. I play...
  7. J

    How do you promote on Twitter?

    I have heard that a lot of people promote their videos on twitter. How so? have a twitter account but besides posting the video, what can you do? Thanks for any replies.
  8. subversiveasset

    Do any of you NOT like sharing your videos?

    As I have looked into my analytics, I've noticed that YouTube internal sources (such as YouTube search, playlists, and channel) tend to result in greater audience retention for me than external sources (e.g. links to outside sites like Reddit, twitter, etc). So, maybe it is a little silly, but...
  9. A. Chanelle


    Hey guys, wondering if there are any Florida Youtubers? I have a vlogging channel and I'm working on my main channel. I'm 20, love going out to events, the arts, and being surrounded by it. I love meeting new people. :) I love traveling and food ^_^ I love creating, taking photos, and filming...
  10. Noitartst

    How to Specifically Promote a Channel?

    By this, I'm not talking about technical aspects, here, but networking, from someone that doesn't know someone. I t sounds like you just mainly contact other vloggers, with nigh no viewers like you, and ask them to support you (but with similar interests, of course). Let's see...I am currently...
  11. Mile High Marijuana

    Anyone here payed for advertisement or partnered with a network? Advice?

    Im considering purchasing an ad package from google or facebook or another company. Have any of you had any experience with this? Would you suggest it? Which company? why or why not? thanks for any info guys
  12. Kirgle

    What is your twitter routine - re: promotion

    Hi. As a noob here I have already found heaps of tips and tactics to improve my youtube experience. One thing I have seen crop up a fair bit is people referring to twitter (instagram and face book) to promote their videos. Facebook is pretty straight forward as it is a network of your friends...
  13. D

    How to structure an email when contacting websites and blogs?

    We all know a very big way to get views is from social media and external websites. Today its about finding where your niche audience lives online. In many cases these places will be blogs and websites. With almost all content: educational, gaming, style, tech etc. you can find websites...
  14. Saiko+ LA

    Animation Looking for Collaborations - Anime, Manga, Music, Cosplay, Comic and Games

    Good day! I am Lea Cedeno, the Youtube Manager of Saiko+. [Edited by Staff] We are very interested in collaborating with other Youtubers and their channels. We already have a well established platforms like Facebook Page, Twitter and our own Website and we are willing to promote you and your...
  15. Crogamer11

    Where to promote my videos on Facebook?

    Hello, can you write here best ways to promote your Youtube videos on Facebook.Which are best groups, pages etc. for promotion and how to get more likes on your Facebook page
  16. Sabrina

    I went on a promo spree and this is what happened

    I should've gone full clickbait title and said " won't believe what happened" but it's actually not that hard to believe, because barely anything happened :rolleyes: So I restarted my dead channel a month ago and for the first 4 videos I didn't do any kind of promotion, I didn't even put...
  17. WilBajamas

    Which subreddit for Montages???

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about making a gaming montage on my channel and I am quite active on Reddit but I just don't know where to put my montages on Reddit... Do you guys know of any subreddits or pages to put on?? I appreciate any feedback or tips and comments.... And have a nice Halloween!!
  18. Stike96

    How to promote on social networks?

    Hi all, I want to get started with promotion on social networks but have no idea where to start. I run a tech channel but don't know how I should go about promoting videos because all of the groups I see are either spammy as they are, empty, or have no one else promoting. There seems to be no...
  19. Joris Bohnson

    Music Promotion Channel - Feedback

    Hi all, I run a promotion channel and would like some feedback on what makes you (as the audience) tick. Can you suggest any improvements to my channel? How do you suggest I can gain a greater audience retention and/ or increase my 'viewerbase'/ subscriber count Thanks.
  20. TigerXtrm

    Using Steam as a social media platform

    I had this idea dawn on me way too late. It only just occurred to me that Steam, at least for YouTube gamers, is probably one of the best social media platforms to promote your stuff on. I find myself using it every single day. I'm online on Steam every single day and it has social media...
  21. Joris Bohnson

    Best way to spread the word? - Advice Needed

    Hi all, I've recently seen an increase in the amount of subscribers I have on YouTube but I want to hit the goal of 600 by the end of this month. What's the best way to achieve this?
  22. Elissa Jordan

    Promoting Videos: Is This the Best Way?

    Hey there! Recently, I've been interested in promoting my videos more than I had in the past. So, when I post a video, I take the main idea of the video and search for websites that find that particular idea interesting. Then, I message these people however I can and send the link with a brief...