1. Zaland Adams

    How to grow a Vlog Channel?

    Any tips on this please feel free to share!
  2. Minty

    What makes some youtubers engaging— and others not?

    Hey y’all! I’m Minty, and recently I’ve been wondering— what sort of personalities seem to catch your attention on youtube? What makes a channel memorable? I’d really love to here your opinion on that!
  3. Friendlyman

    Ways to promote channel

    My channel growth has came to a stop lately and its been like this for 2 weeks I only gained 1 sub last week which is worrying me I dont want to be stuck at the same subs count for to long so im asking here for ways I can promote my channel a bit more.
  4. Brittneytaylorwg

    Camera/SD card issue??!!!!!

    I have a canon rebel t5 and use a sandisk ultra 80mb/s 32gb SD card and it has thelittle circle around the number 10 (I know my SD card is fast enough, it has worked for the longest time) and just yesterday, when I try to record any footage, within the first few seconds it tells me the vide has...
  5. Henners

    Please review my channel

    Hi, I just reached 20 subs and thanks for all of your support. Could you give me some tips and advice to help me improve the quality of my content so I can continue to grow. Thanks
  6. Zaland Adams

    How to grow a comedy channel?

    since the contents won't be so searchable for e.g. Jumping of a cliff then walking to the supermarket.
  7. Darren Taylor

    6 months on YouTube - My biggest lessons

    I have now been uploading content for 6 months and even though I am still a newbie, I have learned a lot from some amazing people on this forum and on YouTube to get to where I am now (at 447 subs). So here are my biggest lessons. I hope they help! 1 - Start small I used my smartphone on a mini...
  8. N

    Initiating channel legal advice

    Hello Good people. Thinking of start youtube channel. That i reupload popular diy videos with my local Arabic dialect. Any legal advice how to approach youtubers to concent me to use their videos. Honestly am trying to use my linguist skills to make some online revenue. Thank you all
  9. Diversified Unison

    Suggestion on Collaboration

    Hello everyone. I'm thinking of approaching others to collaborate. But before I go further I want to know what are the things I should make sure I'm aware of and also what to avoid. If you can share your best practices that will be great. Thank you!
  10. Jiri82pi

    Some Youtube Terms Of Use Xpert?

    Hey guys, I need an advice. I have a link to my website (approved) in my cards, final screen, and description - there are no ads for now. If I will place ads from a company other than google, will it be a violation of the Terms of Service? Thank you for the advice. George...........
  11. A

    Vine compilation video got 16 copyright strikes?

    Look, I'm new to making videos and made a vine compilation for the giggles (not monetizing it or any of my videos). A channel by the name of CollabDRM copyright claimed 16 clips from it. All 16 clips contain different people, so it obviously isn't him. Can I file a dispute against him claiming...
  12. shauna

    Help me out with my channel content/niche!

    sorry this is really long but i need some advice lol So I have been making covers for about 5 years now and I no longer want to do as many covers anymore as I dont want to be known as a cover artist. I know its good to have a niche channel but if im not uploading covers every week I cant...
  13. Cassarilla

    Opinions on posting music without a filmed video?

    What are your opinions on posting music covers and originals without a filmed music video using art instead? Would that stop you from listening? During this time of year my schedule with work and my involvement in the local community theater gets really busy until about July, but I want to...
  14. Narelle

    Urgently need help to grow

    Hai fam, Im in urgent need of help to grow my channel or get more views i've just started and need advice. Can anyone give me advice on how to engage an audience and get more views and subscribers? how often should i upload? and what content? I hope someone can help me thanks love ya'll
  15. Quirkypoo

    Honest Advice

    Hello every one! I’m just posting this to ask for some honest advise on my videos. I never really get any feedback these days and I was wondering if someone would be able to give me some properly honest advice. No feedback makes me feel more anxious than honest feedback! Thank you in...
  16. Alance-23

    Other I wan to say thank you!!

    Hey guys it's me again I just want to say thank you for everyone who responded to me on my last post. Everyone gave me really good information and advice and now I feel much better knowing all those things! Thank you for responding and letting me in to the community!
  17. GTCastle

    My Comments Show Up Only For Me

    Hello i am new to this forum and to youtube as a channel owner ,i have a big problem and i couldn't find a solution ,i tried along time ago to promote my videos with youtube comments on other viral videos with videos links my channel link etc ... not knowing that this will cause to get my...
  18. MZ-101

    I post quality videos, and can’t seem to get my desired amount of views.

    I used to post consistently about gaming news, mostly Battlefield news. They were alright, and they did get views, especially the ones posted right around the period of a new release. Reviews gets me to the 1000, or so views. However, I got bored of them, and the views I got, despite the how...
  19. SoFloSXS

    Help with SxS/trail riding channel

    Hey Guys, I'm hoping there might be a few others here that do offroading/mudding/SxS channels and could give me some advice as to how to keep it interesting? you get hours and hours of footage of riding trails. But most people don't seem content watching 20 minute long videos of trail riding...
  20. MrYorkiesWorld

    Are Vlogging Channels Worth It Anymore?

    Hey guys, I've been considering creating a second channel where I vlog about my life, preferably a daily vlog series, however I've been under the impression for a while that vlogging channels really arent that big anymore on YouTube. Is this true? The idea of a vlogging channel would be great...
  21. Diversified Unison

    what is the best way?

    For our channel we post weekly live covers and once a month our larger projects. When we post our big projects we see a big increase on the views. Even without doing any kind of promotion. But when we post live covers we are struggling with views and also results from promotions are not...
  22. RetroMania

    NOOB Channel

    What's up guys, I just started a gaming channel where I'm playing old videogames, most of them for PC, PS1, PS2 and SNES. For now I do not have much variety of games but I'm trying to upload with the best quality possible so I would like to hear some suggestions from you guys, on what should I...
  23. K.piddy

    Need some Feedback

    i would like some feedback from anyone whos reading this, i already know my vid quality kinda sucks BUT what else could i improve, what do yall think? what are some tips and tricks yall used to gain more traffic to your channel?
  24. The Cherrii Family

    Facebook ads and ad words haven't been it just me?

    Hey, you guys I have recently been investing money in adwords and facebook ads.. like a lot. I've been getting a lot of views on the ads and Youtube videos but NO Subs whatsoever! When I pause or cancel the ad words ad my video does not get anymore views whatsoever. Should I stop wasting my...
  25. The Big Plume

    Channel Feedback

    Hi everyone I am another new youtuber looking for advice I have uploaded about 80 videos. My channel is a gaming news channel I upload about 3 times a week generally always on the same days. I don't have that much to make videos and edit them. I make a weekly news show released on Mondays. I...
  26. HC.SameerPatil

    Q and A

    Hey guys, I reached my first 50 subscribers on my channel and wanted to do a Q and A video. It would be awesome if I could answer questions you guys might have whether it be about life in general or something specific to my channel which is based on documenting my journey to being a successful...
  27. HC.SameerPatil

    How Do I Tell A Good Story?

    Hi All, I am a vlogger and I have figured out that the best way to provide value is to tell a good story. Story telling is one of my weaknesses so I have been going all in on getting better at it. My youtube inspirations such as Casey Neistat share their stories in their videos so well and its...
  28. Your Buddy Gas

    Advice needed for instagram

    Hey guys I've been having instagram for a few days and here is what I've done so far to try to make it bigger Liking other's pictures Promoting to my friends Hashtags (do not work, but still are handy) Following others
  29. Dado216

    Loosing video ideas

    I’m really not thinking of anything good that will get the people watching like as in creative skits or just content in general which is the Main thing I do I made my channel into a gaming/skit and vlog channel but I don’t know if that’s good could anyone help me
  30. Farley Productions

    Spamming Tag Words Advice/Information

    I was recently reading a blog online about the "The Top 15 Youtubers who have had been banned" ranging from gambling on Runescape, squishing little critters with boots, to drama and the list goes on. One that caught my eye however was "Banned from spamming tag words." Which I understand is...