1. Skyler Henricks

    Ideas for Fanbase name??

    I don't know how to ask this question or even if this is a relevant question for the stage of my YouTube life..but I was recently asked what I would name my fanbase with my channel name being SkylerHenricksVlogs...I was confused and lost because number one I had no idea and number two I hadn't...
  2. hj154

    Is YouTubing even a possibility anymore?? (Advice needed)

    I enjoy YouTubing, but I haven't uploaded in forever. YouTube is my dream, and I have good software (Premiere Pro/Photoshop) and good equipment, but is it even possible to get noticed anymore? Is it too congested to gain an audience? Any advice or tips? Thanks....
  3. Merlina Rodas

    Becoming a YT celeb?

    Hey yters, This afternoon I was recognized by someone and I wasn't as excited about it as I thought I would be. I've only been youtubing for about 8 months and I was kind of taken by surprise, I wasn't expecting to get recognized so soon and more importantly, it got me thinking about what...
  4. Milano and Lelas toy box

    how to engage your audience ?

    hi everyone, Just a quick advice question. We are a kid/family based channel. Videos on toys, fun days out etc apart from trying to make sure you have good video content, what other tips to keep your audience from clicking off your video before it has finished? I know that watch time/avaerage...
  5. Merlina Rodas

    Thoughts on Pinterest?

    Hey guys, I've noticed that a lot of popular youtubers out there promote their pinterest account. I see some that just share their interests and some that seem to use it to organize and categorize their videos. I was never a huge fan of pinterest, to me it's just a little complicated to use and...
  6. SupWithT

    Pretty difficult to gain views and subs

    I feel like right now I am in a rut where I'm not getting any feedback on my content because its not worth looking into. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get 100 subscribers because right now I'm all out of options. (BTW MY CHANNEL NICHE IS GAMING)
  7. NawarGaming

    Gaming Looking for advice, and Xbox/PC collabs

    I really want my channel to get more attention, and we all do, check out my channel, a lot of life is not what you know, but who you know..and if someone i can collab with who is nice enough to take the short end of the stick, for the benefit of my fanbase from theirs, I'd gladly appreciate. I...
  8. Leonel The Lion

    Any Overall Channel advice or opinion

    Can someone please help me by checking out my channel and telling me if its good or bad. I have asked many people and all they say is i do not know. Thanks for all of your guys opinions and tell me if i should do better editing more angles and thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!! Leonel The Lion
  9. John Plays

    What is box4box

    I've been on YouTube awhile now and I've heard of all the usual gimmicks like sub4sub, like4like, view4view whatever but it's only since arriving on YTtalk that I've heard of this thing called box4box. Can someone explain to me what this is and is it as much a dead end as the rest of them? Thanks!
  10. Festive

    Starting to vlog?

    Hi, soon I'm going to purchase the Sony Alpha A5100 as my first vlogging camera. I'm really excited to start doing these video but was looking for some advice. I want my videos to be really good, I don't want them to be bad or average and I understand that with time you'll develop more and more...
  11. Quirkypoo


    HELLO AGAIN, Sorry for spamming posts I just have a couple of different topics haha. I've just ordered a new headset and I'm just wondering whether people have opinions on whether its best to use an actual microphone or would the microphone on the Logitech G430 have an alright audio input? If...
  12. Quirkypoo

    Video Editing Software

    Hey there, I've been looking around for some low budget editing software. I've been using lightworks and I've got really comfortable with using it, however, I feel like I could do with something that has a bit more "oomf". Such as like better FX's and if I could get something where the...
  13. Quirkypoo

    View Time Average

    Hey There, I've been looking through my analytics and I've noticed that my average is well lower than my actual video lengths. I'm trying to keep my video times lower now because I feel like the length of the videos is probably putting people off. Apart from that is there anyway of keeping...
  14. TheLegendaryUltimata

    Best advice for upcoming YouTubers

    Hey, Guys! It has been a while since I posted or uploaded a video for that matter. Mostly because the PC I was using to record broke and I just have got to fix it. I thought I would share some tip on how to make better content on YouTube. Lightworks: Lightworks is a free editing software that...

    Has Anyone Ever Had To Start Over?

    So I had a channel about two years ago that was up to around 2,000 subscribers and was getting plenty of views and interaction, and was growing steadily. Unfortunately, one of the songs I used as background music on multiple videos was copyrighted, even though it was from a video that said...
  16. H

    Help / Advice Required

    I have a channel with more than 400 videos but now it has 2 strikes. Now what should I do. Here are the options. 1. Delete all videos 2. Set all videos private I understand that option 1 is the wise and safe option but If I delete all these videos, will I get payment for these videos in my...
  17. S.A.D

    how do you market?

    Ok ok. so I find it EXTREMELY hard to market my youtube channel. after i put the time and effort into the videos i make. Nothing comes of it. More often then not my vids never seem to break the 20 view mark. I tweet on twitter, put links up on fb and go around google+ and despite all this...
  18. Ryan Ng

    Review of my latest video

    Hey guys. My name is Ryan and I just started a Youtube channel. I've been trying to make some cinematic videos, but I would love some advice and help. My latest video what a letter that I wrote to my younger self. I was just wondering if I could get some feedback on my video. Thanks!
  19. Festive

    Advice For Vlogging Confidence?

    Hi there. I really enjoy watching vlogs on YouTube and feel like it'd be fun to do it myself and to just have a place where I feel like I could share pieces of my life with other people, but I have a few things I'm just uncomfortable with. I've been bullied in the past and really don't feel good...
  20. Julia and Claire

    How to Find Time in High school?

    Hi, This year we are going into high school. This past year when we were in 8th grade, we barely had any homework, so we had a very free schedule to film and edit videos. In high school, we will get a lot more homework, we have to complete our PE credits outside of school (an hour a day), and we...
  21. Caerulean

    My channel's barely growing... but I can't really complain.

    I mostly do gameplay videos of games that have small communities or are generally unpopular. (I still love those games though. And I can't play much else 'cause I only have an old, low-end netbook.) In the past year, I also have not been uploading videos frequently enough because, well, having...
  22. Captain Vernon

    HELP!! New Playing and Learning Channel Advice Needed!

    Help!!! We posted our first video 1 month ago. Posted 3 more (including channel trailer) since and stuck at 57 subs and 410 views. Watched 1000 hours of how to reach 10,000 views videos and read articles about how to promote your channel but they pretty much all say the same thing. Create...
  23. Merlina Rodas

    Duplicate video found?

    Hey everyone I was editing my playlists today and I noticed that one of them had two of the same video. I checked both, planning to delete one and both are exactly the same.. Same views, likes and comments but they're showing up as two separate videos. I'm scared that if I delete one, the other...
  24. SupWithT

    Where to start?

    So I've had my channel up for a while and honestly I don't know where to start at all as far as making a good gaming channel. I know I can use the recording from my ps4 gameplay and edit it out and then add commentary to it but like I said I don't know where to start with it. Can someone give...
  25. BilliamGeorge

    My first 10 subscribers!!

    I've been having a quick look at the milestones and saw everyone getting thousands of subs and views which is great! It shows it's possible to achieve! I wanted to share that I have got 10 subscribers now but I hope to get up to 1000 like many of you! Everybody has to start somewhere! I'm only 2...
  26. F

    Advice on recording for an unusual setup.

    Hi I wanted to start recording some game play and commentary videos but all the free software for recording seems to either corrupt or straight not work properly with my set up. I've got a Lenovo Y50 as my desktop since I don't have a full desktop. And I have this HDMI wired to my 36 inch TV as...
  27. World Of Brad

    Quesions or topics for (Bad) advice video?

    I'm not sure if I posted this in the right place lol but I was wondering if anyone had some interesting topics or questions that I'd be able to address in an advice sort of video. I'd be making all the advice pretty bad on purpose though so the topics can be serious or jokey aha Thanks :)
  28. T

    How do i contact youtube support?

    Hi guys! I'm new here and i really need help ASAP! How do i contact youtube support? I am verified and i am a partner! I just can't find their support email! Please help.up
  29. Julia and Claire

    9 Months and 28 Subscribers? Advice?

    Hi, We've been making videos every week for 9 months (which is really fun!) yet we still only have 28 subscribers (some who are friends and family.) We know that it takes a while to gain subscribers, but on forums we read about other channels who've gotten 100 subs in 2 days. Is our channel...
  30. hannahmarycxo

    I'm scared to start again

    Hey, So about a year ago I started making YouTube videos, and I LOVED doing it. I put so much effort into it and as a student, it became my creative outlet- my saving grace. I built up a solid channel, I got to 9k subs and still have most of them. But people at school found out and I was...