1. ocslushie

    Unsub glitch

    New glitch has recently been found, every time you unsub, it equals to 2 unsubs! Youtubers like Pewdiepie, Leafyishere, Tana Mongeau are losing 100's subs per second! The founder of the glitch has negative subs! EXPLANATION LIVE SUBCOUNT (6 big channels)...
  2. Z

    Horror Let's Play without a facecam?

    So I want something to freshen up my channel a bit, appeal to a different audience. I'm kinda hyped for Outlast II, so I'm well into the idea of Let's Playing the first one, heavily edited down into 10-15 minute videos you know? That's great, but I don't use a face cam. The main reason is that...

    advice, feedback?

    Hey guys so ive been on youtube a few months and im having alot of fun! of course i want to make the most out of my channel, and deliver the best content i can. I dont have a camera, so i recorded on my mac, my most recent video i recorded on my phone and i feel the quality is much better...
  4. PunchbowlGaming

    Anyone used the second camera feature on YouTube Live?

    Hey guys, I have been looking at the 'add camera' option in YouTube Gaming for quite a while now and with the launch of our community channel we are thinking of using it some time in the future. So I was wondering, has anyone used it before and if so how did it go? Also how does it look to...
  5. O

    How should I advertise new videos on my Banner?

    I am so busy with my film business that I can't commit to have an exact schedule such as "New video every Saturday". I want to have on my Youtube Banner something that will advertise how often new videos will be on my channel. Is something like "New video once or twice a week" okay? I can post a...
  6. AntoNeo

    Valentine's Day Q&A

    Hey guys, I want to make a fun Q&A video,and since Valentine's Day is around the corner, I was wondering if you had any Questions about your dating/love life that maybe I could answer in a video! As a guy who is a shy extrovert but with great social skills, I might have the perspective that...
  7. AntoNeo

    Would You Watch a Q&A Relationship Type of Video?

    Hey guys, since it's now February (Valentine's Day) I want to make a relationship-advice related video because even though I'm a shy extrovert, I have great social skills and maybe have the perspective that you need lol So I was thinking of gathering questions from people about their...
  8. Aaron Mendoza

    Advice to help me get back in it?

    I used to grind out videos of trickshotting Content in black ops 2 and Call of Duty in general so much... It helped me get to 1k. Then i had to really focus on school and i went inactive... Now Call of Duty community has changed if i trickshot it's not as special anymore. This was when FaZe 5...
  9. Annette Regina

    Subscribing to the channels of people who promised to subscribe to mine.....and they did not.

    I didn't expect to be disappointed by fellow you tubers who, like me, are looking for subscribers. Is there a way this can be tracked? I'm working on high quality relatable content and I am sure I'll eventually get the subscribers but for now I need to market my channel as much as I can.
  10. Sammi

    Will companies not want to hire me because I swear a lot in my videos?

    I started my channel about a year ago and I never really thought that it would negatively affect my career prospects but I'm a little paranoid now and I'm worried that after one google search of my name interviewers will be running for the hills.
  11. Chewie's Video Club

    Adsense and Kids Channels

    Hey YTTalkers! I would love some insight into whether or not Adsense is worth it for kids-type channels. And if any of you have experienced this (what the Google Adsense Forum Expert says)...Here's the story... I posted in the Google Adsense Forum asking how-to stop or minimize inappropriate...
  12. CDOD

    Insane Bf1 montage

    Please give me some advice. Hope you enjoy.
  13. DigiBox

    Subs going stagnent compared to old analytics?

    Hi. Me and My team created our new channel in March of 2016 and we grew pretty fast. But recently our subs have slowly slowed down to a crawl and i need to know if there is a way i can work out where we went wrong. The main things that changed was we started a new editing style and changed...
  14. CDOD

    Battle field 1 edit

    Hey guys. Still getting used to this form. Can you guys take a look at this video and tell me if you like it? Tell me what i can do to make it better. Thanks so much, CDOD
  15. O

    Do you need a big following to get donations on Patreon?

    I was thinking of starting a Patreon page so I could get some cash to help fund my videos. Do I need a big following or can I earn say a decent amount of income. All I'm looking for currently is anywhere from 20-40 a month.
  16. S.A.D

    Camera FPS Vs Rendering

    Ok this one is a little bit hard to explain, but i will try my best. Say i record at 1080p 25fps and i then render the video to 1080p 60fps. Would there then be a difference if i record at 1080p 60fps? ie performance/ quality. I apologize if this question is tricky to understand. but i am...
  17. AaliyahF

    software frozen

    so yesterday I finally decided to record a new video after a long time, it was actually going to be my first video of 2017. everything was going fine until it came to the point of editing and saving the work. the software I was using froze and it´s not even letting the laptop shut down...
  18. NoirAscii

    Video Format Strategy.

    Hey there everyone, I wanted to ask for some advice based on how I'm doing my videos. The editing phase is the main issue, the way I cut my videos is based on the parts with commentary and cutting out the loading times/long winded segments. However, is that the best option for me to take...
  19. Jayjay1k

    Any advice? Need to grow my channel!!! seeking possible collabs!

    Helluuuu! so, as any person on youtube at the beginning, i'm desperately wanting my channel to grow. The problem is, this isn't the beginning for me. I created my youtube channel in 2007 and have very rarely uploaded videos due to the fear of people not liking my humor/content, which i've...
  20. Christina Lado

    New Youtuber: Channel Feedback/Advice/Criticism

    Hey guys! I have been on YouTube for a little over 2 months now and have 555 subscribers. I would love it if anyone would be kind enough to check out my channel and give me some pointers. I had no clue what I was doing starting this and have been learning as I go. I am not sensitive so let me...
  21. Christina Lado

    Beauty/Makeup Youtube Friends & Collabs? Located in DFW open to any Location

    Hey Guys! I am a 22 year old recent college grad and fairly new to Youtube! I have had my channel for 2 months now and have 555 subscribers so far. I am looking to collab with anyone who has similar content. I also am looking for Youtube friends because it would be nice to have someone to...
  22. Vivian King

    Constructive Criticism for my channel

    Hello everyone, I would like for you to give me some constructive criticism so that I can improve on my channel. Just give me your honest opinion of what I need to change or continue with.
  23. ZactheRipper

    Channel Trailer help?

    I was just wondering for a channel trailer what would you guys recommend? Face cam short 30 second intro or montage with voice over? And what information is vital?