How do you come up with your video ideas?

On a weekly basis I play it by ear as to what film I talk about; but if for whatever reason im drawing a blank I regularly visit flea markets and charity shops looking for old VHS tapes and DVDs to snap up. At the moment I have 2 bags literally FULL of films to talk about (And thats before I get onto the films in my actual DVD/Bluray collection I'd like to talk about) I mean; I have 3 boxsets that have enough films in them to fill up just about 3 years worth of content unto themselves xD

As for new ideas for shows, I let them come to me these days rather than actively straining for an idea...I have 3 show Ideas I'd like to get rolling at some point in the future but Im waiting till I pick up a little bit more traction with Views/Subs before I start working on developing them because 2 of the 3 are quite labour heavy on editing and setting up and thats not to mention the budget! I just wouldnt get a good enough return on the investment at this stage...but hey! thats for days to come! :)
I simply listen people around me. :)
I have a Google Doc ony my smartphone shortcuts, and I jot down all the ideas I have.
As the script unfolds for some subject matter, I write that down too.
At the moment, I'm overwhelmed with ideas... I think I have material for two years, minimum.
Good question. I get my ideas just going throughout my day/during class or right before I go to sleep. I do the same word doc thing though. Usually I'll make a list and brainstorm more into each one from there.
I have a notebook and whenever I see or read or watch anything that inspires me I jot it down and mull on to expand later.
They just pop into my mind when not thinking about it, and if not... I turn up some motivational music, grab myself a whiteboard marker and start brainstorming. :)
As somebody who recently started a Tech channel I am focusing my videos around products that I buy and enjoy for personal use, I also had a company send me a product to review for the first time. So that's where my ideas start. I think the most important thing to create content and ideas that you identify with.

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I don't have the time to make any original content but I love watching movies and listening music so I need help on what I can create from any of the following hobbies without getting any strike.

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Once we know where we are going to shoot, we research the location (history, important details) and we incorporate those facts into the video while we are filming. We have no set script per say, which may be a horrible strategy since we forget a few details about what we are shooting.