1. Henry Sierra

    New Channel!

    Hi guys, I post Daily Vlogs about my life and put a twist on them as a film-maker :) Here's a vid if you wanna stop by :)
  2. A

    Gaming Looking for more friends to play games with!!

    I'm a 20 year old college student from Toronto, Canada. I played a lot of sports during high school and the main sport that I enjoy is basketball. Feel free to ask me about the NBA! What got me into YouTube was FaZe to be honest and how they do cut commentaries and montages. I feel like I would...
  3. Hiper115

    Animation Looking For Talented Animation Youtubers

    Do you feel like your hard-worked on projects get no recognition? Youtube is a harsh environment where you either grind for years to get to the top or become the %0.1 that get lucky. I need animation Youtubers who want to shine and don't want their amazing videos to be washed up by the...
  4. Jared Poirier

    Are you new to Youtube? How was your first year!?

    Hey guys, Now that its the end of December I was wondering how creators who started in 2017 are doing. Did you meet your goals? Did you do better than you thought? What were the challenges? What strategies did you guys utilize?
  5. Wahduhhec

    I need friends like myself!

    I love recording, especially doing vlogs. But I always find MYSELF recording and not having a good friend to hold the camera for me... ever. It sucks cause I feel as if I can get way better shots and actually feel like im talking to someone if someone is holding the camera for me while I vlog. I...
  6. I

    Opening door with One Hand while carrying an item

    First time here I'm trying to post videos that show how can someone with one hand to do stuff like the video does opening the door with one hand. Since I have people asking me how do you do this or that so I'm making videos that shows how I can do stuff with one hand. Plus this is my vlogging...
  7. T

    Good games to record

    Any suggestions for Good reliable games or popular games for a starting youtuber
  8. J

    Gaming Looking for Minecraft YouTuber to Collaborate with. (PC 16+)

    Hello, my name is Jared or Joru, as referred to by my YouTube name. I am currently looking for a Minecraft YouTuber with over 300+ subscribers and a decent mic and is very fluid on a schedule. Interests are Skywars, Bedwars, and MiniGames. You would need to be 16+ you can contact on my Twitter...
  9. J^3

    Gaming Anyone wants to collaborate (Need for Speed) or (Fortnite)

    Hey there i am looking for anyone who wants to collaborate. I play and record Need for speed 2015 and need for speed payback and also fornite. please leave a comment below if you are intrested in colaborating.
  10. Henry Sierra


    Hey everyone :) New video just got uploaded, enjoy!
  11. Henry Sierra

    New Channel!

    Hey everyone, my name is Henry Sierra. I just started a channel and I post Vlogs about my daily life around 3 times a week. I love film-making, telling stories, and my major in university is Film :) I love entertaining people so if that floats your boat, come swing by my channel and subscribe...
  12. Amber lynx

    Youtube fluctuation

    iknow when I took on this dream of mine that it will be a journey. It wasn’t gonna be easy. However I felt like if I did it consistently and focused on producing great content and all the other fixings of a great channel everything would fall in place. For instance when gaining subs I felt some...
  13. Oshi

    Vlog Miami Youtuber Looking for a collab

    Hey there everyone, I'm Oshi. I'm a youtube from Miami and I do usually travel videos of different places and adventures. I haven't seen many YouTubers from Miami and was hoping I could meet some of them to do some collabs as well as just get to know people that are doing the same thing from my...
  14. Chadwin Smith

    Meet Up/Gathering Arizona, Phoenix area - YouTuber Collaboration

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for other YouTubers in Arizona to collaborate with. My channel is mostly about videography, cameras, technology, short films, etc. But, I'd love to colab with anyone that makes videos in the valley or Phoenix area. We can make a video for your channel that is...
  15. T

    Hit 2000 Subscribers + 100k Views!

    I reached 500 subscribers in July, 600 and 700 in August and during September I gained 1200+ putting me me over 2000 subscribers! I've been doing YouTube for 8 years and only now seeing the growth I've been after - so please, if you're reading this, continue to do what you love. Do whatever...
  16. YouTube Filmmaker's

    100 Subs!! With 2165 Views!! 50 Subs in 2 weeks!

    Finally hit 100 subs. Gained alot of subs in the past couple weeks. On to 1000. I have high hopes! Thanks to anyone who watches my channel!
  17. Jaysterbaby

    Need help with YouTube card game

    I am trying to create a collectible card games that's new and exciting. I am looking for information such as permissions needed, if any. Follow us on Twitter @YouTubersAttack to get latest updated and news Basic easy to learn battle system Booster Packs, Starter Kits, Box Sets, etc Can you...
  18. tonyphan

    I Hit my First 100 Subs today!

    I just hit 100 today. Can't describe how happy I am when waking up and see sub #100. It might not be a lot to others but it means a lots to me. I had been uploading my travel videos on Youtube since the end of 2015 as a way to keep my memories. But it was two months ago when I decided to do...
  19. Information Guy

    Any Advice for a New YouTuber

    Hi Everyone, I just started my YouTube channel last week. Do you have any advice on how often I should release content and how to grow my audience? Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks. Knowledge is Power
  20. I

    Gaming Searching for funny people with around 200 subs

    Hey im itsgamerlive, i have 166 subs im 13 years old and im just seraching for a someone who can collab with me, has pc games, can spend money and is 13+. I also have an xbox one You can have skype or discord so we can talk and that's basically it. Btw i haven't done lots of games on my...
  21. Minepro140

    Gaming Minecraft PS4 YouTuber looking for fellow Collaborators

    Hey! I am a Minecraft PS4 YouTuber that is looking for other people to make videos with. Leave a reply if your interested and I will check if our personalities align or whatever. Thanks for your time :)
  22. Cinnamon Sweet Shoppe

    Why Do You Youtube?

    This question has been asked several times on the forum and I would like to explain my answer in a little bit of detail: Youtube has changed me. Before I began my channel early this year, I was an extremely camera shy person with a big inferiority complex. I was convinced to do this by...
  23. Luke's Life!

    Vlog Looking for Essex/Suffolk/London Based YouTubers for collabs.

    Hey everyone, I'm a new YouTuber who's been dreaming of doing YouTube for years and finally decided to live my dream. I'm looking to find like-minded YouTubers who want to make some amazing content together (whether that be vlogs, challenge videos etc.) but also to make some great youtube...
  24. bryan94c


  25. Knowledgia

    My Uniques Characters

    Hello community. I am building animated history videos and I created my own characters in photoshop to present some of the historical important men. Do you think this is building my brand? Or is helping me being recognized by many more? Thank you so much community for your time to read this :)
  26. Cameron Connell

    Gaming Group of Gaming Youtubers

    I'm an 18 year old from Texas, I'm going to begin classes at Grand Canyon University in the summer of 2018. I'm a newly high school graduate and plan on taking this next year to take on some core classes at a local community college to get credits out of the way before training to be a...
  27. bryan94c

    Day in the life with a Fidget Spinner

  28. wolfmxmans

    Vlog Looking to collab with other YouTuber in central London

    I posting a new video today on my channel so feel free to comments and give me suggestion and I will do the same. If you're interested in collaborating please do not hesitate to message me. Thanks.
  29. C

    Anyone know good OBS settings for live streaming?

    Hi, I need help with live streaming. what are the best OBS settings for live streaming games? i mainly play and but i also play mine craft and some steam games. My pc specs are: Gtx 970, Intel i5 6400, 8gb ram, and a dual band WiFi card. i have been asking people this...
  30. OfficialAuxiliary

    Gaming Looking for PC gamers; Microphone and Software required!

    If your looking for a professional, easy going YouTuber to play most PC video games with, then you are in luck. Examples: Call of Duty GTA V MMO Games and whatever is trending. Simply add me on Discord: Auxiliary#6757Forgot to add: Requirements: Microphone, Decent Spec Computer, Discord (Free...