1. B

    Gaming 7 Days to Die players needed

    so my friends and i just setup our own 7 days to die server and now we are looking for people who want to play on it. We are all Youtubers/Twitch streamers with the majority of us being from UK. Add me on discord for more info or if u wanna join us
  2. J

    I think its interesting,a lot of YouTuber's live's are spiralling out of control.(opinion's please)

    Do you think the fame and money can be bad for these people that just seems to be having one drama/disaster after another or are these YouTuber's just in it for the wrong reason's and that's why there such a mess?
  3. Ellythium

    Gaming New peeps to collab with

    Hello! I am open for any games from Racing, First Person Shooters, to horror. I am open to all of them :D Platform: I am a PC gamer. Timezone: EST Age: 16+ Subscribers: 191 Channel: Ellythium I would love to have new people to game with and to make videos with. I love meeting new people and...
  4. TextedHD

    Gaming Looking for YouTubers to Make Funny Moments Videos With! [XBOX]

    Hey people that have pressed on this thread You may be wondering what games I have, and to name a few -Black Ops 3 -Rocket League -Rainbow Six Siege -Fortnite -WWII -Ark Survival -Mortal Kombat X -Sea of Thieves -The Division -Left 4 Dead 2 -State of Decay 2 -Overwatch -GTA V -Monster Hunter...
  5. E

    Gaming collaboration / gaming needed/ elgato

    hello fellow youtubers im a 15 yo who's starting out a gaming channel looking for some friends to record with im a small channel ,myself with only 17 subscribers im looking to collab with gaming channels thats starting the same amount as me or it dont matter really hehe but not only to collab...
  6. A

    Lifestyle Collab

    Hey everyone! My name is Anna Gibbons and I am a lifestyle vlogger on youtuber. I am 22 years old and am looking to collab with other vloggers like me!
  7. OndaWire

    VidCon 2018 Quick Recap

    Follow me on YouTube and Facebook at "OndaWire" for more. VidCon 2018 was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE! This was my first VidCon and it's definitely a must attend event either if you are small Creator, Big Creator or simply just posting on YouTube, TopBuzz, Facebook, Instagram TV, Twitter, Vigo...
  8. CM_lectric

    Gaming Looking for Minecraft Youtuber! Server Partnership Series!

    Hey! I'm new to these forums, so hopefully I am posting in the right place. I own a minecraft server called Atomix Prison and have been working hard over the past year to bring it to life. After numerous updates and improvements, I am finding that the life in a server comes from much more than...
  9. Safwan Foy

    Facing my fears.

  10. MetricateGames123

    Meet Up/Gathering Manchester YouTubers! I'm calling you out!

    Hey my fellow Manchester creators (if any) I'm searching for talent within the Manchester area. I've been at it all day. Through Google searches, YouTube searches, forums. You name it. Everything I've found so far seems to be left in the past (to the point that nobody that was searching for...
  11. D

    Gaming Looking To create a Streamer/Gamer Group.

    Hello, i have recently started a twitch channel where i am playing a mixture of games. i am looking into having a server filled with streamer/youtubers where all content creators can collaborate with one another. If possible i am going to create a second channel with some people where we can do...
  12. Layzmozes

    Gaming Pc Gaming (mainly the forest)

    Hi i'm Nathan and i'm 15 i have 180 subscribers you cant be a squeaker (no offense) you have play on PC (i can game share with you if necessary) you have to be open to some dark humor, and memes I just want to have fun and help people grow, and maybe the same could happen to me.:) These are...
  13. ArsenalGamer

    Gaming PS4 YouTubers

    hey guys, I am Cryptic, and I am looking for people to record with people who are pretty chill requirements -have a pretty good mic - has discord or some sort of communication(so I know if there a problem with recording) -is mature and isn't a kid -is a dedicated and hardworking youtuber post...
  14. E

    How should I set up my paypal?

    I'm a small youtuber, so I don't think I should connect my paypal to my youtube, but I was going to make one, so I wanted to know, should I create a Business or a Personal paypal account for whenever I do connect my paypal to my youtube. What are the pros and cons of each type, and which one...
  15. P

    100 Subscribers accepted

    Hello giys my name is Philipp im 19 Years old, and i Have aproved 100 subs on my YouTube channel on 4 weeks. Im from Germany, and i recorded vlogs about my life in Germany, you can see the problems in Germany and the best site. But i uploaded challenges with me and my grildfriend to. Look here...
  16. StraightUpIrish

    I became a full-time YouTuber.

    I wrote this thread last year which was me leaving my full time job to try and do YouTube. You can find it on my recent post before this one. A lot of people doubted me. Doubt being what stops most people in the world. Well I am eager to tell you all after completing the long 6 month test I am...
  17. Jitter Flicks


    We had a lot of fun today just doing what we do on a daily basis.
  18. BrianTheVideoShooter

    The giant in the woods

    One fallen giant in the woods in Copenhagen
  19. Jitter Flicks

    Vlog Broward county youtubers and vloggers

    Are you in the Broward country, Florida area? Have a family or friendly channel? Maybe we could hand out, meet-up or collab. We're new to all this so don't be shy, we're just trying to meet new friendly people and fellow youtubers so we can spread the love with our channels. Let us know.... we...
  20. buzzcuts

    Why Saberspark's Globglogabgalab Videos Were Removed from YouTube

    Not sure if anyone's been following this issue with the infamous Globglogabgalab, but I think it could have important ramifications for YouTubers.
  21. Pierre Maynard

    FIFA 18 Northampton Town Career Mode EP2 | FINDING FORM

    Hello everyone it has been a while but i'm back with some more FIFA gameplay! :D Let me know what you think of this episode, or what could be improved? Also as i mentioned at the end of the video, comment which is your favorite Anime at the moment as i am a fan because i love it :D Thank you...
  22. Courtney Candice

    What YouTuber inspired you?

    When I was a freshman in high school I discovered a channel called the computer nerd01 he made parody’s. when I started watching the computer nerd 01 I thought to myself man I wish I could make videos like that, but at that time making an actual channel never really crossed my mind because I...
  23. Pierre Maynard

    FIFA 18 Northampton Town Career Mode EP1 | APPOINTMENT

    Hello everyone! It's been a while since i have made a FIFA video but i decided to do mostly Music, and Gaming on my channel since i like both! :) Let me know what you think of this episode? What players you would like me to buy? and if this video needs improving a little? :D Thanks in...
  24. DeeDom

    Super new here!

    Hey guys! I've recently created a youtube food/vlogging channel and I'm not to sure how to get my views up, I'd be more than happy for some advise and how you big youtubers out there would recommend not being disheartened at the begninning, I'd love to hear from you so please comment! :) xx
  25. PJ Morrison

    Meet Up/Gathering Where are the "CAR"Tubers.!?

    Hello everyone, I'm PJ Morrison and I'm an up and coming YouTuber that vlogs about my life around cars. I'm a car enthusiast from Louisiana (USA) looking to collab or at least expand my clientele with more YouTubers that are interested in similar things. I take photos as well as edit them in...
  26. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    New Creator YouTube Studio Features Announced - Impressions, Impression CTR, Unique Views & MORE

    New Creator YouTube Studio Features Announced — Impressions, CTR, Unique Viewers & More // YouTube has announced that they will be updating the YouTube Creator studio beta aka YouTube Studio and making it the default for all YouTubers shortly. This will include a new look and 3 new...
  27. ClawCoupleSG

    Over 500 Subs & 1000 hours watch time!

    Hi Guys I'm so hyped today! After 4 months of grinding on YouTube I made it to over 500 subs and 1000 hours of watch time so far!!
  28. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    YouTube For Beginners [CHAT & Q&A]

    YouTube For Beginners [CHAT & Q&A] - YouTube Tips for Beginners, New YouTuber Tips and Tips For Small Youtubers to help grow a YouTube Channel, Get More Views on YouTube and Get More Subscribers. HOW TO GET VIEWS FAST - HOW TO MAKE A YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE LINK - HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR CHANNEL - HOW...
  29. RhysCoward

    Other Clothing Business Partner / Designer

    I'm looking into starting a clothing line and sponsoring different youtubers but i need some people to join me below are some different jobs that need doing Head Partner mainly looking for someone with 100+ interactive subscribers to promote to professionally minded serious enquires only this...
  30. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Is It Too Late To Start A Youtube Channel in 2018?

    Is It Too Late To Start A Youtube Channel 2018 // Is it too late to start YouTube? Should I restart my youtube channel? A very common question i get asked alot. Starting A YouTube Channel should be done for any reasons, but don't be the "next Logan Paul" be the FIRST YOU! Too Late to Start...