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Hey people that have pressed on this thread

You may be wondering what games I have, and to name a few

-Black Ops 3
-Rocket League
-Rainbow Six Siege
-Ark Survival
-Mortal Kombat X
-Sea of Thieves
-The Division
-Left 4 Dead 2
-State of Decay 2
-Monster Hunter World
-Borderlands 2
-Friday the 13th
-Ghost Recon
-Final Fantasy XV
-Batleblock Theatre
-Battlefield 1
-Forza Motorsport 5
*And Much Much More*

About Me: I am a 16 year old YouTuber that loves to play Call of Duty and Rainbow Six Siege. I prefer to play Black Ops 3 out of anything, but next on my list would definitely be Rainbow Six Siege. I have (at the moment) 150 Subscribers and a grand total of 8,000+ views.

What I’m Looking For: I am looking for someone that has quality content (ex: HD recording and good audio) and that are at least 15 years old. I don’t care how many subscribers you have, but you must be 15 years of age and have HD recording and good audio.

-HD Recording
-Good Audio
-A way to capture your voice and my voice
-Must Be 15 or Older
-Have An Xbox One with Xbox Live
-Have A Mic
-Have At Least 1 Video on your channel showing your capabilities

How To Find My Channel: My channel’s name is “TextedHD” and I should be the first channel that pops up!
Hey texted i wanted to see if you had space for 1 more person to calab with, I subscribed to your channel and wanted to see if I could be part of it.
Hey man I think I make great content on my channel and I been at it for a couple months already with 50 subs message me on twitter (@ali_jaghama) or reply to me here (twitter would be better) and my channel is Ali Jaghama