looking for a collab

  1. AwakeInTokyo

    Gaming PS4/PC/Xbox Funny Gaming Collab

    looking for a group of people to make funny gaming videos with, if your down add me on discord and we can play whenever My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw0SR0K8JNuwwxreWvd4OyQ PS4:AwakeInTokyo Discord:Tokyo #8861 Xbox:AwakeInTokyo
  2. MediaSage

    Services Looking for music (2 artist) to use in my videos.

    So I'm not new to YouTube, Twitch, or etc. Making Videos, Graphics, and etc. However I'm going through re-branding I'm looking for to artist looking to get there names out there. One with lots of energy and bass, the second being calm and chilled with there music. Fill free to show what you got...
  3. RagingTaurus

    Gaming Looking for other YouTubers who are funny and play cs-go

    Hi there. I'm looking for other youtubers who always makes people laugh and plays csgo. If you want to collab with me reply or dm me on twitter. You can also add me on discord. If you add me on discord just message me “I heard you are looking for funny you tubers who play csgo” and I’ll know...
  4. T


    Hello, my name is Tyler and I am looking for about 3 people to record some gaming videos with. Im looking for people for long-term over a year. (About me) I have been doing youtube since 2011 and have a great understanding of what people want to see in there content they are watching and I know...
  5. TextedHD

    Gaming Looking for YouTubers to Make Funny Moments Videos With! [XBOX]

    Hey people that have pressed on this thread You may be wondering what games I have, and to name a few -Black Ops 3 -Rocket League -Rainbow Six Siege -Fortnite -WWII -Ark Survival -Mortal Kombat X -Sea of Thieves -The Division -Left 4 Dead 2 -State of Decay 2 -Overwatch -GTA V -Monster Hunter...
  6. L

    Gaming Looking to get back into YouTube

    Hi, My channel's name is name is Luke.M16 (You have to go look it up on YouTube if you want to see it) I haven't posted in a while and I deleted all of my videos so I'm basically starting at square one I am looking for some people to collab with and play games with. Games I have: Gmod CS:GO...