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  1. M

    Meet Up/Gathering Get 10,000 Real YouTube Views in A Week

    I'm Mark, I'm a YouTuber, and I have 920K subscribers and over 2M real time views on YouTube, and I'm here to share my experience about getting as many views on YouTube, at first I don't have Subscribers and nobody viewed my videos so I was discouraged and a YouTube friend introduce a book...

    [SMG] ⚡Fast Delivery⚡|Cheap Prices| Quality SMM Services with over 6000+ Satisfied Clients

    Providing Cheap, Quality and Unique Social Media Services for 5 years :cool: Question & Answer: What services do you offer & prices? - We have a lot of services to offer! Here's the list of our services so far.. If you have a service suggestion with order volume feel free to ask us and we will...

    Services [SMG] ⚡Fast Delivery⚡|Cheap Prices| Quality SMM Services with over 6000+ Satisfied Clients

    Providing Cheap, Quality and Unique Social Media Services for 5 years :cool: Question & Answer: What services do you offer & prices? - We have a lot of services to offer! Here's the list of our services so far.. If you have a service suggestion with order volume feel free to ask us and we will...
  4. San Justus

    Channel review request

    My channel is not encouraging at all I hardly get views of beg people to view it and sometimes it works & sometimes it doesn't.... Please any help or advice Here is the link check it out for me Help me in anyway you can okay.. Thanks
  5. Kaitlyn Moore

    My channel is dying/stuck

    my YouTube channel hasn’t been growing in views or subscribers and I’m not sure what to do. Does anyone have any advice on how to get my channel over this bump? It’s been in the 400 subscribers range for almost a year :/ ,I’m also running out of ideas on what to post since no one seems to watch...
  6. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get 1000 Subscribers in 2019

    How To Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube in 2019 - Get More YouTube Subscribers // 2018 was a good year for growth on my channel, from subs for nearly 3000 in 12 months. So if you follow these tips you could get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube in 2019. There is no magic pill to get...
  7. Minyin Valarauco

    I reached 10+ subs from only having 8 last week

    That was pretty much it lol, I know it's hard, but 5 new subs putting me over 10 in a week is pretty cool.
  8. Jon Brooks

    10,000 subscribers and 6 Million views

    Hi guys, I'm delighted to say that my YouTube channel has just hit 10,000 subscribers and 6 million views! Yay! Good luck and best wishes to everyone building their channel and creating content too. Jon Brooks
  9. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get YouTube Subscribers

  10. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How to Get 10K YouTube Subscribers - 10 Tips For Growing a YouTube Channel -

    10 Tips For Growing a YouTube Channel - How to Get 10K YouTube Subscribers Getting 10K Subscribers on YouTube and getting more YouTube subs may seem impossible but all it requires is a little hard work, it can be done! This article will outline my tips and tricks for gaining YouTube...
  11. K

    50 Subs Woo! And one video almost to 100 Views!!

    It has been just over a week since I started a channel and I just reached 50! So excited!!! I was worried my content would be boring to a lot of people!
  12. Sk Jony

    Reach 800 Subscriber quickly.

    At least I reach 800 subscriber on my channel quickly. When I reach 700 then I took long time, but now I gain 800 very quickly. Thanks to support our channel and stay with us.
  13. J0eyy

    Tips on getting views and subscribers?

    I am a new youtuber with only 14 subscribers as of now, and I was wondering (other than be consistent while uploading) Is there any ways that could help boost my channel? I have started recently to get more views (I actually doubled my sub count from yesterday alone) but they don't seem as high...
  14. CubiCraft

    Could use some help.

    hello everyone. I have only just joined the forum as a friend of mine only just told me about it last night. So far its looking amazing. The last 6 years of my life have been a serious struggle because of an unfortunate accident i had. The consequence is that its extremely hard for me to get a...
  15. tedswrong

    200+ subscribers and over 5000 views on a video

  16. A

    I have 11523 Subscribers How to Get Even More?

    As we all know we every time say to our self if we get 1,000 subscribers we won't need more or 10,000 subscribers. Everytime I grow I feel like i am even looking for more. I get daily 20-30 subscribers. How to even make it daily 100 new subscribers? any ideas?
  17. Marceive

    How to get more views/attention

    So, I've been doing YouTube for over a year now. I once had 540 subs, but now I'm down to 479. That was because I stopped uploading as much because of school and such. Over the year, I have not seemed to gather much attention on YouTube. I believe that my videos are good quality, but only...
  18. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Make A Subscribe Link For Your YouTube Channel

    ◉Subscribe & help me to grow---- ❝Used Code-----?sub_confirmation=1 (add this code at the last of your channel URL)❞ Subscriber.The most valuable thing for a channel.& who don't more subscriber.So for gain more...
  19. avilsd

    Journey To 100K Subscribers Before 2017!

    Hello and I welcome you to this fantastic journey that will be taking place over the course of the next few weeks. I will be taking my personal channel from 533 subscribers to 100,000 (and hopefully more) before the clock strikes 12 and the year becomes 2017. I'm making this to keep track of...
  20. K

    Request Looking for a GFX designer and editor for our clan!

    We've now gathered some subs and we're looking to start weekly and maybe daily uploading. We need a gfx designer who can make custom thumbnails, banners and logos. No templates. And an editor for our montages and our new series coming out which we havent finished deciding on yet. Add me on...
  21. KantoGaming

    Do you show your sub count??

    Im just curious. I just turned mine off for the first time to do a test and see if I'll get more views/subs because people don't know how many subs I already have. I've heard a lot of people say that other people can be turned away from a channel just because of your sub count. So, do you...
  22. MotionComedy

    Why Is The First 100 Subscribers Always Hard?

    Hey everyone! My names is Kieran, and I've been on YouTube since December 25th, 2010. Since the launch of my very first YouTube Channel, I've seen a lot change on this website, whether that be the content creators on it, the style of it, or the generalized perspective of it. Today, I want to...
  23. Snake delta

    do you think there is a stigma with smaller channels

    being a smaller youtuber myself 440 subs to date, and take up to a month to edit each of my videos always strive for the best quality possible, always wondered if a lot of the smaller youtubers only make high quality content feel there channels are stigmatized because they are a small channel...
  24. JustMonotone

    50 Subs and 500 Views!

    A couple of days ago I log on to see that I have reached 50 subs (although one guy unsubbed recently). I also have 500 views to back that up with only about 20 videos on my channel. Hopefully I am able to continuously grow at a decent rate as I slowly get better at making videos!
  25. let's Try It

    *100 Subscribers Goal*

    Hey folks been making youtube video's just over a month now and just reached my 100 subscribers goal i know it's not big amount but you got to start some where next goal is 1,000 subs
  26. Dimo Dimov

    How to become a great youtuber?

    Hello,i remember the time when i wanted to make videos and share them in youtube,i was like 11 y/o now i am 17 y/o.I couldn't make videos before because i hadn't a good computer for this.Now i have a stable computer (not good not bad) and i want to make my dream to come true.I made a few videos...
  27. AlmightySTAR

    500 Subscribers???

    So in order to change your YouTube Channel Name, you must have 500 subscribers?
  28. Pierre Maynard

    The Seekers Season 1 Episode 5 "Get A Job"

    Peter has nightmares about getting a job, due to the amount of hard work that has to be put in. He wakes up to find out his nightmare becomes reality. The Seekers is back once again, and even funnier this time. Let me know in the comments what you though of this Video I would really Appreciate...
  29. Beybladeog

    Hit the 900 Sub mark and 34,000 Views!

    I love you all guys! Thanks for your amazing support! You guys are the best! Thanks a lot for all the tips, guides, and mentoring to get here! Thanks A lot!
  30. SaltyPeppers

    We hit 1,000 Subscribers!!!

    We are new YouTubers and we hit 1,000 Subscribers on Thanksgiving!! We are so excited about the future of our channel. Our new goal is 10,000.