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Feb 7, 2022
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Providing Cheap, Quality and Unique Social Media Services for 5 years :cool:

Question & Answer:
What services do you offer & prices?

- We have a lot of services to offer! Here's the list of our services so far.. If you have a service suggestion with order volume feel free to ask us and we will see if we can create them. :)

Important Note: Prices may go up and down in an instant if there's an update
For Resellers We can give competitve prices to you, just feel free to send us a tickets about it.

Here's some of our CHEAP Services (We can still adjust the prices if you have bulk orders)
*Fast** Youtube - Low Retention Views - $0.70/k
Youtube - Cheap Likes (Fast) - $1.50/k

Instagram Followers (Medium Quality - $0.54/k
Instagram Likes [Max: 15K] - $0.15/k

Facebook Page Likes - $1.8/k
Facebook photo/post likes - $1.2/k

For the updated pricing, we suggest that you make an account and check our list coz pricing may changed if there's an updates :)

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payments from

- Paypal (Depends on the availability)
- Credit Card / Debit Card
- Payoneer
- Localbitcoin
- Coinbase Commerce (BTC,ETH,LTC,BCH)
- Skrill
- Perfect Money
- Coinpayments Bitcoin
- GCash

Do you offer money back guarantee?
- If we fail to delivery the order we can only refund the on your account

Where can we contact you?
- You can either send email at
- pm me here
- reply to this thread
- use our support system

Important Notice: Please read the description of each service before ordering and avoid ordering multiple same service per link

Delivery Policy:
As soon as we get your order, We get our monkeys to load bananas into the trucks, they are small creatures and so be patient, All orders will be delivered within the turn around time.

Exchange rate: $1 = 1 Banana

Review Copy: We are giving 1 sample banana for those who has quality posts here. :)