My channel is dying/stuck

Kaitlyn Moore

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my YouTube channel hasn’t been growing in views or subscribers and I’m not sure what to do. Does anyone have any advice on how to get my channel over this bump? It’s been in the 400 subscribers range for almost a year :/ ,I’m also running out of ideas on what to post since no one seems to watch or comment on my videos anymore.
Mmmmm That's a tough call since I have no experience as a viewer of the type of content you upload but I'm gonna do my best to help you!

You seem to be very talented in creating cosplays like dang you can even make them yourself using a sewing machine, that's pretty impressive so the first thing I will suggest to you is to find Cosplays a large amount of people are interested in, specially characters from the gaming community.

I think you have a passion for other stuff, maybe anime characters and all that but I believe people aren't really looking for those cosplays. Teach people a simple way to do a cool cosplay, teach people from your country where to buy the clothes or how to create them yourself, in the end just add how to do the makeup (you can do 3 separate videos) and I think more views will be popping out. Prepare a bunch of these videos for Halloween Season or show a way to dress people's kids/babies as elves for Christmas, how to do the make up for Santa Claus or anything related!

Do the same process with other characters like a girl from Fortnite, Overwatch, PUBG or even an outfit from Red Dead Redemption 2. Anything that will fit your style and is easy to create. If you don't fit the character, just tell a friend to help you and design the outfit for her/him.

If you don't like that idea then maybe do a gothic ASMR video. I believe there's nothing like that right now. That niche might be an interesting one... more of an ASMR video with relaxing and spooky sounds idk lmao, I'm not a huge fan of ASMR tbh but those videos are getting some views.

Last but not least, I recommend you check out "TheKillerDoll" channel, she's a member of this community. I believe she grew from 6K to 20K in a couple of months or something like that. Maybe looking at her channel will give you something to talk about or the way she edits, you can learn a lot from her!

Just giving out some ideas, hope I can help and good luck with your channel!
well your sub count may not have been stagnant.. could be that you have lost some that have been replaced with newer better ones more interested in your newest content.. so overall you have the same count. Your videos are full of energy.. maybe cheat a little now and find out what works or trends for others in your niche and make a video of the same theme.