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Hello and I welcome you to this fantastic journey that will be taking place over the course of the next few weeks. I will be taking my personal channel from 533 subscribers to 100,000 (and hopefully more) before the clock strikes 12 and the year becomes 2017.

I'm making this to keep track of everything and inspire others as well. I'll try to keep it pretty detailed and give it daily updates.

The reason I'm doing YouTube is plain and simple. I love YouTube and I'd like to become rich and famous. It's not a question of IF, but rather a question of WHEN. If you've ever read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, you'd know you can accomplish anything if you just set reasonable goals with a well defined plan to reach them. You need to know exactly what you want to achieve and by when.

This is a certainly reasonable goal as going viral can happen at any point in time. And once you have the snowball rolling down the hill, you produce an avalanche effect. I'm aiming for natural exponential growth first though before anything goes truly viral. I've created and managed channels that have been able to go from a couple hundred daily views to a couple hundred thousand within less than 90 days multiple times over the years. I've also been featured on Worldstar and GQ Magazine earlier this year for a rather.. err, interesting video that was recorded of me. Part of the reason that video got millions of hits all over the internet was due to my knowledge of what it takes to go viral and also the fact that as soon as I found some footage of me, I sent it to the Press and immediately did some marketing with it. I wasn't necessarily proud of it though, so I didn't go full out.

I don't think my channel has any content worthy of going viral yet, however I'll certainly think of something very soon. The first goal is to just hit 1,000 subscribers and then keep trying to double my following in as little time as possible. As my channel grows, the more entertaining it'll get. I'd like to travel around the world and do fun videos that stand out and have that touch of absolute insanity to them. I'd like to do anything from breaking world records to doing high-adrenaline things like skydiving and sports car racing on a daily basis. I think the biggest source of my inspiration is the fact that I'd like for people to truly experience what I've been through, and I'm just unable to do it through a simple vlog. The faster I get to 100K, the sooner I'll be able to hire people to just film me while I walk around and do crazy things. It's incredible all the adventures I've been on so far, but I'd like to raise the bar every single month and year. Always pushing myself to do crazier things.

Also my current job is working on a gaming channel for a company. As that grows, I'll use it to advertise my personal and of course any income I'll make I'll try and invest in both marketing on YouTube and Reddit. Anyways, let's begin. We're starting off at 533/100,000 subscribers and 83,020/10,000,000 views (I'm not quite too concerned about the views, but then again it'd be nice to hit this mark). Another goal to hit is that I'd like to focus fully on this personal. I'd of course monetize through multiple different ways, so I think that's definitely possible come December.
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Good luck with your challenge. :)
Ah, my bad. Well glad it's in the proper place now.

Report #1 Yesterday I posted a link in r/Teenagers and that did pretty well. I think I'll post around a couple more links tonight on Reddit (already have a couple, but none really front page, at least not for long) and then call it a day. Right now we're up from 533 to 563 in just a little over 24 hours. I've reached a new height as realtime says, over 6,000 views in the past 48 hours, steadily approaching 6,100. Total views moved up from 83,020 to 85,235. So far it seems like this month is doing better than last month in terms of unsubscribers, however for those curious my lifetime unsubs is 98. This doesn't include the past 2 days which I think would bring it up to 100 or so. I'm trying to increase the quality in my content but also I'm alright with unsubscribers. My niche is interesting but I find it hilarious how people will unsubscribe over one video or my political beliefs (which I don't even bring up that much) or my vulgarity. I think of it as weeding out the bad and purifying my channel. I'd rather have loyal subscribers who I engage with a lot than just a bunch who are trolls or don't do much for me.

I wish I could connect with this channel that's similar to mine. She's got a little more subscribers than me but she's not as consistent with the uploads. She's not ready to take it to the next level, and I can respect that. However I do feel like I'll have to really up my search for a full on collab partner. It's just that there's so few people who'd be similar niche, similar size AND nearly as motivated as I am. I know there's someone out there, but it's a little sad knowing so few care about growing large channels. I'm staying consistent with daily uploads and I'm even doing a secondary channel now with daily uploads of clips as a backup. I have a burning desire to dominate and succeed, and it seems a lot of YouTubers are passionate but they give up too easily when certain challenges face them or they're just not willing to take it further. Anyways, I've also gone ahead and am in the middle of a purchase for an inactive gaming channel. It has 63K+ subs but even if just 10% of them will be active again, I can both kickstart it up and funnel traffic to my other gaming channel. And then within a month or two I can funnel traffic from both gaming channels when they're large to my personal. It's a totally different niche but I'm sure I'll get a fair amount. The other gaming channel will definitely go viral within the next month or so with a bunch of games coming out and early gameplay ;)
I love YouTube and I'd like to become rich and famous. It's not a question of IF, but rather a question of WHEN
I mean, you've definitely got the motivation, but since your most popular videos are about drugs, p**n, and other topics, YouTube is currently unmonetising those type of videos. So to get 'Rich' you probably have a better chance on the gaming channel.
won't stop you getting subs though, so go for it
I mean, you've definitely got the motivation, but since your most popular videos are about drugs, p**n, and other topics, YouTube is currently unmonetising those type of videos. So to get 'Rich' you probably have a better chance on the gaming channel.
won't stop you getting subs though, so go for it
Oh yeah, my main personal channel definitely won't be making me wealthy any time soon, at least not through adsense. My end goal though is to just have a network dominating a niche, managing teams of people who are running multiple high quality channels. Once you have one large channel you're able to funnel traffic and create more. And then once you have millions of loyal fans, you're able to do anything. I think a combination of funding kickstarters and selling targeted products to the audience mixed with sponsorships, shoutouts/promotions, ads and donations can definitely get me there. I've tried many times before to "make it big" but unfortunately I got too greedy too early. I realized my mistakes and hopefully this time it goes a little differently now that I'm thinking about other things being the main motivators. Money and fame is just one of the benefits.

Report #2 I'm at 596 subscribers, 88,367 views and approaching nearly 7,000 views over the past 48 hours! I'm quite happy with where my channel's going and I spent a few hours late last night creating a decent intro and lovely outro, decent banner and profile picture. Much better now that it's updated and even more personalized. Now I'll just need to fix it up or pay someone to do an even better job soon. Always want to see progression. I'm thinking of purchasing TubeBuddy pretty soon to be able to bulk edit all my videos to focus on the latest video every day.

Turns out for some reason I lost a fair bit of subs on the 20th, 7 but I did come out 23 positive. I think what might've happened is that with increased advertising I got an influx of subs and then people saw my other videos (maybe a Trump one or a drug one) and they didn't like it too much. And that's fine, again. Total unsubs now is 105.

My goal really is to get some late night promotion going here tonight and hopefully hit 600 before bed. I think I'll advertise on Instagram pretty soon but that usually results in just a couple extra subs. Quite funny considering I have a 12,400 (it's an MMJ niche) but then again so many people are too lazy to just click a link to get them outside of the app. Cross platform promotion always gets a little tough. I think with the Instagram what I'll do is try and use that to get some free products again. Back when I used to run a large MMJ network last year I got free glass worth a lot of money and other stuff all the time. I don't really need it, but I would love to do some epic giveaways at 1K, 2K, 5K, 10K, etc. I already gave away a small little bracelet at 500 but that doesn't really count as a giveaway I guess. I said I'd randomly give it to the first person who messaged me lol. Didn't even need to sub to the channel. At 1K I might giveaway a Pink Floyd skateboard or a pair of Ray Bans (unfortunately even though I used to collect a bunch of them, I had sometimes pairs just too small for me) and actually try and make it more professional so it gives me an influx.

I think giveaways for the most part are silly but I do want to give a lot of stuff away over the next few months. I'd love to do some crazy record breaking giveaways at 50K and 100K subs. I have some ideas but I don't want to share until later ;) A proper giveaway on a large channel can definitely net some great results. Also I have a few crazy video ideas for 1K and 2K subscribers. Might get a fair amount of shares. Overall I'm happy where my channel's heading.

I'm sorry, but I have to add this in.. I find it silly how people in my niche don't care much about YouTube. Like, there's some who realize it's a business.. but a lot just give me weak responses. "Don't want to taint the experience" as in, he doesn't want to market his channel. That's the latest message I got. And this isn't the first time someone said this to me. Some people just generally don't care about growing their channel. If it grows, it grows. If not, whatever. I'd like to work with someone who runs a spiritual channel or an MMJ channel or even someone who just lives in Las Vegas. Not worried though, definitely will find someone. The best thing ever would be finding multiple people. Creating a master mind group.

Want an inspiration? RSD. Real Social Dynamics. Tyler and Papa are the founders. They have a shared mansion where them and a bunch of high energy guys create motivational videos on how to self progress and dominate in picking up girls. They're also dominating their niche. Why? Because not only do they provide an insane amount of quality content, but they're very passionate about what they do. If only I could get a team together, all of us would benefit from each other's subs and we'd rise through the ranks much quicker. Or something like FAZE clan, but that's a worse example. Anyways, I wish you a good one.
Report #3 629 subs and 91,356 views. I reached an all-time high of 7,600+ in 48 hours and it keeps shifting now from 7,400-7,500. I'm a little upset about the YouTube Heroes news but oh well, won't let that stop me from producing my content. I'm really excited to be able to start work on the gaming channel I invested in, it's just around the corner, nearly everything's set up. Hopefully I'll be able to get it tonight, and if not later this weekend. One of my videos is quickly gaining traction which is good, considering my other most viewed video sort of stopped once it hit past 30,000 views. Not too much exciting things happen, but I'm glad where the channel's heading.
Report #4 Posting a little late here tonight just because today was hectic. So. We got front page of r/Videos for a little bit before going on the controversial section. This resulted in hitting a new all-time high of 18,000 views within the past 48 hours! I'm sitting at 690 subscribers now, but it's funny because whenever Reddit comes into play for promotion I see a GIANT jump in subs and then.. a bunch of unsubs shortly after. So if it wasn't for some of my other controversial content, I'd probably have an extra 10-15 subs who left quickly. But anyways, again, weeding out those who don't want to stick around and judge quickly.

Total views: 98,917! Nearly at 100K (although I know we beat it by far!)

Can't wait to hit 700 subs hopefully by the time I wake up! Today was interesting, for those who might've not seen my post, I had a person admit to false flagging half my videos. I've sent abuse reports to YouTube and hopefully they get that sorted out. I've been a little less paranoid recently though. I feel like I'm staying enough within the guidelines. I'll make softer videos though, but we have plenty of interesting stories to tell still! Anything from my experience in Military Camp to that time I nearly killed someone this summer to even helpful stuff for how teens can make a few grand over the summer doing easy online gigs. Stay tuned for tomorrow's update![DOUBLEPOST=1474849837,1474770182][/DOUBLEPOST]Report #5 We're up to 716 subscribers! Over the past 48 hours it's up to 19K (although it did fall from 21K earlier today) and for total views I think we're well past 110K but I can't say for sure because Analytics is behind in updates. Yesterday's post on reddit gave me a lot of feedback to work with and I think I'll be editing and cutting my stories a lot more now to get to the point. I'm super excited to be gently approaching 1,000 subscribers! I'm going to purchase TubeBuddy so I can have access to the bulk features as now I'm close to upload nearly 100 videos. Bulk annotations and cards will help make my latest uploads in ranking and I'm slowly approaching a point where responding to every single comment may be getting very tough, so canned responses will help address that.

I'm creating some plans and strategies for what I should do when I hit certain levels, such as 10K I'll definitely go for YT Space and maybe 20-30K I'll set up a Patreon (as long as I have a valid reason to do it, as in I don't just want free money.. and no one will give me it. There needs to be some solid video ideas for that to work) and I'm also thinking of what products I could pair up with that would work well. I might realize another idea of mine at 50K which was starting a nootropics company. It's getting overall pretty hot, and we're still so tiny!
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Report #6 We're up to 746 subscribers and 111,938 total views. It's recently fallen back down to about 13,000 realtime views in the past 48 hours. I didn't advertise on Reddit really last night and today I could only do a little bit. Tomorrow I'm feeling a bit more advertising will happen but overall I'm just waiting to post a better video which will have a fair amount of subreddits it could fit into. I might have a friend's brother work on SEO for some of my videos, but we'll see about that. Overall I wish I could have better increases right now but I'm pretty grateful to be where I'm at. Definitely right on track for 100K, however I do hope to beat the goal BY FAR. Shoot for the moon and land amongst the stars. I'll be busy over the next couple of days working on the gaming channel.