1. Actually Anna

    First Q&A

    Hi! I’m wondering how I would go about filming my first Q&A and what questions I would answer? Thanks!
  2. NewbArchitect

    Need help deciding what my channel is about...

    Hi guys, its been a while since I posted, but I've been trying to stay as active as possible on YT. I post about once a week, thats my "schedule" at least but sometimes life gets in the way as many yall may know. My question is what my channel genre is. I basically do "animation" like a basic...
  3. Jitter Flicks

    Vlog Broward county youtubers and vloggers

    Are you in the Broward country, Florida area? Have a family or friendly channel? Maybe we could hand out, meet-up or collab. We're new to all this so don't be shy, we're just trying to meet new friendly people and fellow youtubers so we can spread the love with our channels. Let us know.... we...
  4. Kylie


    Hey yall, Ive realized that my comments are not posted publicly. I do not comment over the limit, I don't use profanity and I am almost positive i have not been blocked on each site that I comment a supportive message. Please help. Ive googled everything and still no answers.
  5. Johnjackallen

    Exploring the British seaside town of Skegness! (Funny!)

    So I love to explore, and I love the seaside, and I love Vlogging, so this was a great day! Hopefully you like this! Or if you don't like it, please let me know why you didn't, I want to improve and make people laugh and smile! Thanks!
  6. Cody Wanner

    Vlog Harrisburg Pennsylvania Vlogger

    Good Morning! I started a daily vlog on the first day of 2018, and would love the chance to collaborate with: A) Vloggers from other places who are here for work B) YT Creators from this area I would like to collaborate around the topic of adventure, primarily - perhaps hiking, a little road...
  7. PJ Morrison

    Meet Up/Gathering Where are the "CAR"Tubers.!?

    Hello everyone, I'm PJ Morrison and I'm an up and coming YouTuber that vlogs about my life around cars. I'm a car enthusiast from Louisiana (USA) looking to collab or at least expand my clientele with more YouTubers that are interested in similar things. I take photos as well as edit them in...
  8. ucandp

    200 Subscribers!

    Hi everyone! I started Youtube 1 year ago. Did a couple videos and stopped until about December. Both my comedy channel and my Vlog channel have now reached 200 subs. Ive really been consistent this year with my vlogs and I'm so happy that I've reached the 200 milestone! Out of that maybe 80...
  9. Henry Sierra

    New Vlog - Friends, A Basketball Game, and the Notes!

    Leave a like and subscribe for frequent videos :)
  10. M

    How Do I Rank My Vlogs?

    I know people don't go searching for vlogs, but how can I make it so that when they are searching for something, I also pop up. This will give me a greater chance of getting clicked on, but I don't know how to get my vlogs to ranks. I've watched countless videos on ranking but none have been...
  11. M

    How can I increase my vlogs' audience retention?

    I make vlogs and mix the style of normal vlogs and cinematic b-roll. Sort of like peter mckinnon but not copying him. Anyway, I have a channel average of 1 minute retention and I feel that is sub-par. How can I increase it. I have watched plenty of audience retention videos but they all talk...
  12. Henry Sierra

    I got stood up...

    In this video I take you around campus, talk about a failed date, and get some funny shots!
  13. Brittneytaylorwg

    Should I vlog too?

    Okay so recently I've just loved filming whatever I feel like would be slightly interesting and create entertainment because simply... I love doing so! It makes me so so so happy :tongue: I was thinking maybe I should vlog sometimes. I really like videos where I just talk to the camera while...
  14. ClawCoupleSG

    Over 500 Subs & 1000 hours watch time!

    Hi Guys I'm so hyped today! After 4 months of grinding on YouTube I made it to over 500 subs and 1000 hours of watch time so far!!
  15. Henry Sierra

    Daily Vlog (Film-making)

    Hey everyone :) I have a daily vlog channel where I record my daily life. I am also a film-maker so I put a little spark on my videos. Subscribe and comment what you think ;)
  16. Henry Sierra

    New Channel!

    Hi guys, I post Daily Vlogs about my life and put a twist on them as a film-maker :) Here's a vid if you wanna stop by :)
  17. feyrerm

    Vlog Northeast PA Daily Vlogger

    Daily vlogger and comedy short channel looking for folks in the Philly, ABE Harrisburg areas to share ideas and cross promote. I have built a small following of very active viewers in less than 30 days, but vlogging is a lonely sport, and having others to collaborate with would be great. If you...
  18. ItsMeRay


    Hey what is up fam, it's me Ray and welcome back to another video! Today's video is another vlog. This vlog was specifically made for my WHYY class. Originally, the project was to make a video about a day in the life of yourself and I really liked that idea, so this is what I came up with. Once...
  19. Wahduhhec

    LOCKED -NEW RULES? Will this make or break a youtubers dream?

    As a small youtuber the bar was set even higher for me. But for others will this change your plan of pursuing youtube? Or are you calling it quits? If I had to say anything about this, I never wanted to see YouTube as being a source of income, my main objective was to gain an audience and have...
  20. curtis o'keeffe

    Breaking A World Record! | Vlog 2

  21. curtis o'keeffe

    Breaking A World Record! | Vlog 2

  22. Vikkiv2

    Is subs4subs worth it

    Hi friends it's just a quick question I wanted to ask you about the youtube subs4subs topic. These days they are so many website offerings these services. I just want to know is that worth it.
  23. Wahduhhec

    Comedy Any New Yorkers in the house?

    looking to meet up with anyone in the New York area to shoot some vlogs/pranks let a guy know.
  24. Wahduhhec

    I need friends like myself!

    I love recording, especially doing vlogs. But I always find MYSELF recording and not having a good friend to hold the camera for me... ever. It sucks cause I feel as if I can get way better shots and actually feel like im talking to someone if someone is holding the camera for me while I vlog. I...
  25. Wahduhhec

    100 subs

    I finally hit got to 100 subscribers! I feel like im doing pretty good, and want to continue my journeys through a lens and share them with everyone. I DO NOT recommend that SUB4SUB I tried it with my other channel and did not receive any love. Hopefully anyone and everyone who sees this thread...
  26. Jack McKenna

    How do you guys come up with ideas?

    So I am fairly new on the youtube scene but I have a very strong desire to keep making stuff... the problem is... I don't really know what to make! Sometimes I just want to make a video so bad that I just turn on the camera and point at my face until I say something mildly interesting or funny...
  27. jacksback

    Vlog ONLINE Collab Or Shoutout for Shoutout (i do vlogs and other videos)

    YO, my names jack im 15 and im looking to do an online collab (not really sure what but ive seen other youtubers do it so yeah) or shoutout for shoutout (but the shoutout would have to be good and not cheap) so like we could review each others channel etc. If you're interested in doing any of...
  28. I

    Opening door with One Hand while carrying an item

    First time here I'm trying to post videos that show how can someone with one hand to do stuff like the video does opening the door with one hand. Since I have people asking me how do you do this or that so I'm making videos that shows how I can do stuff with one hand. Plus this is my vlogging...
  29. I

    Vlog Any vloggers wanting to do a shout out for shoutout?

  30. ItsNotAiyla

    Not your typical 50 facts about me

    Just posted a new video! I know "50 facts about me" is pretty overdone, so I tried to make it funny and entertaining. I hope you like!