LOCKED -NEW RULES? Will this make or break a youtubers dream?

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As a small youtuber the bar was set even higher for me. But for others will this change your plan of pursuing youtube? Or are you calling it quits?

If I had to say anything about this, I never wanted to see YouTube as being a source of income, my main objective was to gain an audience and have them know what it’s like living where I’m from and come traveling with me around the world and see the life I live as an Average New Yorker. If anything this is just a milestone that needs to be complete and nothing more. I enjoy making videos and showing my creativity to people. I want people to know me off of my work, period.

For anyone that’s reading this, I’m going to be your inspiration today, let this be just another obstacle that you want to overcome, if you want something... go get it. Don’t quit, be a dream chaser, and let this be a wake up call that nothing is easy in life. The hardest obstacles lead to the most beautiful places.


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