1. SeanTheMedium

    Desperately Need Help

    Desperately Need Help YT Talk Members. I am crazy passionate about Spiritual development, Making people laugh, Comedy, etc. However, I am finding it very hard to come up with Unique and different ideas for videos. I am not your typical vlogger type. My life is boring as heck. I don't want...
  2. Henry Sierra


    Hey Everyone! I just uploaded a GRAPHIC story time video that I filmed with friend and I'm going to do Vlogmas! Check out today's video and subscribe for more uploads :)
  3. Henry Sierra


    Hey everyone :) New video just got uploaded, enjoy!
  4. Henry Sierra

    New Channel!

    Hey everyone, my name is Henry Sierra. I just started a channel and I post Vlogs about my daily life around 3 times a week. I love film-making, telling stories, and my major in university is Film :) I love entertaining people so if that floats your boat, come swing by my channel and subscribe...
  5. E

    Vlog Colab

    Hi my name is Elhadj and i am a vlogger prankster and i in LA i have a channel over a 1k subs let me know if you want to colab My email: elhadjdtv@gmail.com Instagram: @elhadj19
  6. The Cherrii Family

    Anyone in Fl want to collab?

    Hey, I am new to Youtube and would love to collab with other Y outube channels. We currently have 291 subscribers and are a family channel. We post VLOGS, Pranks, Challenges, and other random videos. Anyone interested?
  7. HC.SameerPatil

    40 Subs!!!!!

    I never thought it would happen so fast, but I'm about to hit 40 subscribers on my channel very soon. It feels satisfying knowing that I am able to provide some value to viewers out there and regardless of how much I grow in the future, I will look back at this post and geek out! Lets get to...
  8. Billy Bob Vlogs

    Vlog 6.2K Subscriber Channel looking for collaborators Virginia Beach Boardwalk

    My name is Johanna, I like vlogging, camping, bushcraft, beach activities especially metal detecting. Preferably I'm looking for another female to collaborate with in a video or videos, and vice versa. Check out my channel, contact me through my youtube channel.
  9. HC.SameerPatil

    What Entertains YOU?

    Hi all, I want to understand the community a little more so I want to know what type of content on YouTube do YOU find interesting and Why???
  10. ColletteisaBear

    Hi guys! New beauty/style YouTuber here!

    Hi! My name is Collette and I'm just sort of browsing around the interwebz for some friends with similar tastes and interests. It'd be super awesome to have a YouTuber as a friend! What do you guys think? Anyone interested in getting to know each other?
  11. E

    Looking for lifestyle/design vloggers in Maryland/DC area.

    I am looking for a lifestyle or interior design vloggers in the Maryland/DC area. I would really like to connect.
  12. Brotherson1

    Working As A Security Guard In Israel

  13. T

    Hit 2000 Subscribers + 100k Views!

    I reached 500 subscribers in July, 600 and 700 in August and during September I gained 1200+ putting me me over 2000 subscribers! I've been doing YouTube for 8 years and only now seeing the growth I've been after - so please, if you're reading this, continue to do what you love. Do whatever...
  14. Olivia's Catastrophe

    Vlog Looking for Collaborations with: vloggers, booktubers or yogis!

    Hi! I'm Olivia from Olivia's Catastrophe. I have about 620 subscribers and am looking to do collab videos with other youtubers. I am located in the United Kingdom, Warwickshire, and am willing to travel a bit out of the area to collaborate. I am mostly free on weekends. I am looking to...
  15. A

    Vlog Looking for travel filmmaker in Oregon or the PNW!

    Hey! I am a travel video filmmaker from Oregon and would like to collaborate with someone. Looking to grow my channel and work with another creative person! Check out my videos and leave a comment or reply here if you think our styles would do well together.
  16. X

    Vlog Vlogger in Arizona, USA. 113 Days straight now Looking for collabs

    Hey guys! My name is Ryan Frost, on social media I go by XRyanFrost on everything: I have been vlogging for 113 days straight, I have 282 subscribers and 17,136 total views. Just wanted to say Hi and see if anyone lives near me or whats to collab by sending eachother 30 second videos that we...
  17. Luke's Life!

    Meet Up/Gathering Looking for Essex/Suffolk/London Based YouTubers for collabs.

    Hey everyone, I'm a new YouTuber who's been dreaming of doing YouTube for years and finally decided to live my dream. I'm looking to find like-minded YouTubers who want to make some amazing content together (whether that be vlogs, challenge videos etc.) but also to make some great youtube...
  18. Leonel The Lion

    Vlog Kid Vlogger Olympia Washington

    I am a boy who vlogs in the olympia washington area and its hard to find any people from ranges 11-14! It would be awesome if anyone could collab with me long distance or whatever just make sure you hit me up ljgat5101@gmail.com Stay awesome
  19. Brandon Bee

    Vlog I'm a Vlogger in the Portland, Oregon area

    I'm a Vlogger in the Portland, Oregon area. I am usually around Beaverton and Clackamas, so if you wanna do a collab with me, hit me up. I am a 17 year old looking for some people to make videos with.
  20. wolfmxmans

    Vlog Looking to collab with other YouTuber in central London

    I posting a new video today on my channel so feel free to comments and give me suggestion and I will do the same. If you're interested in collaborating please do not hesitate to message me. Thanks.
  21. lifestylencurls

    Step Outside Your Comfort Zone?

    my very first vlog. Trying to get out!
  22. MCFChronicles


    Hi everyone, I am somewhat new to youtube, and would love it if everyone checked out my latest video. I also love feedback. Thanks!
  23. Brito21

    It was all a dream!

    https://www.enlightenedcultureshop.com/ Help a kid accomplish his dreams by purchasing some merchandise at enlightenedcultureshop.com In this video a young kid with ambitious and big goals reveals some of his merchandise from his shop. He wants and belives he can grow his clothing brand way...
  24. Festive

    Advice For Vlogging Confidence?

    Hi there. I really enjoy watching vlogs on YouTube and feel like it'd be fun to do it myself and to just have a place where I feel like I could share pieces of my life with other people, but I have a few things I'm just uncomfortable with. I've been bullied in the past and really don't feel good...
  25. Brito21

    I saw a Ghost!

    I wanted to get a haircut but I had to bust a mission and then i didnt want to go walk so I didnt go but I went to a place that is haunted. This place is known to be one of the most dangerous places in anaheim california and the United States. I climbed the latter and witnessed some things...
  26. T

    600 Subscribers with a 1000% sub count increase!

    I hit 500 subs earlier this month and within a month I reached 600! I'm quite proud of myself and with all these new faces my sub count has gone up 1000% this year! I'm a YouTuber of 8 years and I'm finally at a very good point. Trying to get 200 in the next month. What are your goals?
  27. Brito21

    F*ck the Haters! (Brawadis Fan talking smack)

    Brawadis is a youtuber who reportedly got in a fight with a 16 year old at sneakercon because the dude was talking s**t. I left a comment on Brawadis channel asking what happen and one of his fans went on my channel talking s**t. When i leave comments, I dont leave negativity or talk smack...
  28. OneManOneMic


    With about 1.3K subscribers I just passed 50K channel views :) I have been off my game for a bit but I now upload twice a week (every Tuesday and Thursday) and I've seen my average views per video go up! Really satisfying stuff! Now onto 100K views!
  29. Courtney Candice

    Jake paule might be getting sued

    Big YouTuber vlogger and Disney channel star Jake Paul might be getting sued because he's disrupting the streets in la! Some of you might not know who Jake Paul is he's the fastest growing channel right now on YouTube along with other members of team 10, all the members in the team 10 live...
  30. Pedro Nascimento

    Feedback On Balance Between Talking and Scenery! Be Brutal!

    My two latest creations I think are my best videos so far! The feedback I am looking for is on my latest one. I would like to know what do you think about the length of the video and the blend between each scenery, meaning, are the shoots where I talk and when I show landscape well balanced? I...