Vlog ONLINE Collab Or Shoutout for Shoutout (i do vlogs and other videos)


YO, my names jack im 15 and im looking to do an online collab (not really sure what but ive seen other youtubers do it so yeah) or shoutout for shoutout (but the shoutout would have to be good and not cheap) so like we could review each others channel etc.

If you're interested in doing any of what i said message me/comment on any of my social medias

ALSO i have 745 subscribers! i will collab or shoutout with people around my sub count.

Instagram - jackhowatson

YouTube - jacksback

Twitter - jackhowatson
I know my channel isn’t as big as yours but I just wanted to say anyway that I checked it out and honestly, I really love your content! I can’t wait to see the change you make into your channel in the future!