Cody Wanner

New Member
Good Morning!

I started a daily vlog on the first day of 2018, and would love the chance to collaborate with:
A) Vloggers from other places who are here for work
B) YT Creators from this area

I would like to collaborate around the topic of adventure, primarily - perhaps hiking, a little road trip, etc. Or trying out a new restaurant here in the city. Also open to ideas. My vlog is fairly loose in topic, though it does tend to focus on productivity, entrepreneurship, and motivation.

There are no requirements other than the above on who can collab here.

There is no specific deadline, but I, like you, am attempting to grow my following, so ASAP!
Hey, not sure if we would be a good fit or not but we are in the Harrisburg area for a few weeks and started our daily family vlog a month ago. If you're interested, let's connect. I work for myself, online, and we unschool our kids