1. ShoopkoTube

    How to get your video viral?

    Hi guys! It's been a while since I've post here on the Forums! I know this is a tough question, but if anyone has some tips and tricks to boost a little my channel maybe it'll help my and other people out here! :) Check out my latest vid and tell me your honest thoughts! ;D
  2. Adeelcool

    How Are viral videos made ?

    so, i want to spread an Awesome massage, and it going viral would help a lot are viral videos made by the title or the thumbnail or the content or the production value or do all of them play a big part in making a video go viral, or would the massage of the video make it go viral or do only...
  3. Adeelcool

    I'll watch every video

    if you have a viral video feel free to share it here because i want to see if there is a specific trend with viral videos and if you do not have a viral video yet share it so i can compare it to the videos that have gone viral and possibly tell you were you went wrong
  4. J

    Have you ever been recognized in Public from your videos!?

    Hello everyone! I am just interested to see if there is anyone that has been recognized in public because of their youtube videos? What was the interaction like? Was it awkward? Were you nervous?
  5. AwesomeBomber

    Do You Act On "Viral Ideas"?

    Let me explain. Have you ever had an idea which you thought, if it were created/uploaded, it would have a higher potential (in comparison to your other content) to become viral? Those are the kinds of ideas I mean, the ambitious and loosely original one-off ideas. However, when you get those...
  6. J

    Is YouTube turning into all the bad things about Traditional Media?

    Hey guys, A lot of us have been watching youtube for awhile and know that it used to be a place where possibly socially awkward people could be creative and connect with people. Now that it's more mainstream, do you think it's turning into all the bad things about traditional media? (All about...
  7. J

    Any tips on drawing attention to comedy videos?

    I love creating comedy videos but I feel like it's SOO hard to grow a comedy youtube channel these day. Comedy channels do really well on youtube, but growing them takes so much time. You're trying to get people to invest in YOU most of the time. Channels where you're addressing already...
  8. J

    Pretentious, Spoiled, First World Puppy

    I made a new video on my channel called 'My First World Dog'. I would love to see what people think of it!
  9. J

    Tried something new on my channel...Is it good or bad?

    Hello everyone! I made a new video on my channel that's kinda different than the stuff I've been making. How is it? Is it good? Bad? What can I do to improve? And HOW IN THE WORLD do you get more people to view your channel? Thanks for any feedback!
  10. J

    What demographic are you making content for?

    Hello everyone! What demographic are you making content for? Who do you imagine watching your videos? A lot of youtubers make sure to keep their content kid appropriate and some make sure to do the opposite. Is there any part of you that wishes to create content for a different demographic? I...
  11. J

    How many people have Youtube Red??

    How many of you have Youtube Red? Do you like it? Do you think it will benefit creators? Have you watched any of the premium content? I have Youtube Red and I actually really enjoy it. I think it's great that Youtubers are able to make higher production value content. Unfortunately so far I've...
  12. J

    I'M BACK! Feedback on new video?

    Had to take a break from making videos because I was in the process of moving, but now I am back. I would love some feedback on my latest video! I have a full time job now, so I really hope I can keep up the quantity and quality of these videos. Thanks for any feedback.
  13. digitalsoju

    How accurate are the estimated earnings?

    Hey guys, I was wondering how accurate the estimated earnings are on youtube. Recently I put out my first viral video and it hit over a million views (1,424,762 views at the time of this posting). When I go under google analytics, it says I've only made around $600 which seems quite low for the...
  14. J

    After 21, Birthdays don't matter anymore..

    My latest video! Let me know what you think:
  15. J

    30 Subscribers!!

    I just hit 30 subscribers because a friend of mine started sharing my videos on facebook, which I was kinda nervous about but realized is stupid to feel that way because I'm proud of my content. I also have over 500 views over 7 videos! (Not synced) I am very happy with all of this, and have...
  16. J

    This is my favorite video I've uploaded so far!

    I have been doing youtube for over a month, I have two shows that are running on my channel, and the video I just uploaded is my favorite so far. I think it's my personal favorite because I really like all the clips I shot, this topic and all the jokes were written whilst going through some...
  17. J

    Been making videos for a Month! How am I doing?

    I have officially been making videos for about 5 weeks. I have put up 6 videos, and gained 20 subscribers. I would love to know what people think about my channel and if how I'm growing is normal, and what I can do to grow more! I currently have 2 shows that I am running on my channel. My...
  18. J

    Do you ever think that your videos aren't the type to become popular?

    Hello! I was wondering if any of you think about this. I am always trying to make comedy videos that I appreciate that aren't just goofy challenges, pranks, or really relatable material but I always wonder if I should implement that into my content. I will always just make the content I...
  19. J

    20 Subscribers!!

    I hit 20 subscribers on my new youtube channel. Not super huge but I'm very happy with it. I've been working hard to create videos that I really admire, and I am glad people like my comedy sensibility!
  20. J

    How to act like a Normal 21 Year Old:

  21. J

    How many Subscribers defines a BIG Youtuber?

    Everyone has different labels for different 'sizes' of channels, but I wanted to know what everyone would consider a 'big Youtuber? I think for most of us, a bigger Youtuber could be as much as 1000 subscribers or more, but when do you actually start to refer to a Youtuber as big? Let me know...
  22. J

    If your channel blew up, would you move to LA or NY?

    Hello Everyone. A lot of the big youtubers these days are in LA, NY, or London for obvious reasons. The Youtube offices are there. If you live in a small town now, and your channel wen't huge, would you be tempted to move to one of these places? To be closer to other creators and what not. Do...
  23. J

    Are you embarrassed to be doing Youtube?

    Hello, Everyone! I wanted to know how you feel about doing Youtube. Do you ever feel weird about telling your friends or parents about your youtube channel? What do they think about it? I understand there may be a lot of people that don't really get it, so I wondered if anyone on here tried to...
  24. J

    10 SUBSCRIBERS!! haha

    AHA I got 10 subscribers! Actually I believe I have 11 now. I know that this isn't a lot, but considering I just posted my second video, I'm very happy about it. I haven't really even promoted it. Hopefully it will continue!
  25. J

    Should I post more than once a week?

    Hello, everybody. I started a new channel that's kinda like comedic vlogging but they take a good amount of time to create. Especially since I also work another job. I only have two videos up, but I was just wondering how often should I post? What do you recommend? Right now, I am doing one...
  26. W

    How to become big on YouTube?

    So I've been doing youtube for about 5 years, but I started a new channel around 3 months ago and it's going pretty well. I make comedy vlogs and skits and have almost 300 subscribers and almost 10k views, nothing amazing but I'm pretty happy with it! From you guys that have done it yourself...
  27. H

    How much content is too much content?

    What the title says guys but as a weekly schedule how much would you think was a good idea as well as the lenght of the videos? Like I would say anything over 12 minutes 5 times a week is too much.
  28. H


    FYI this is a joke but the premise of this game is pure wtf xD
  29. H

    Do you think its better to have branded merch or actual sayings?

    Basically what the title says but do you think its better to have branded pictures that you are known for or would it be better to have a special way of saying things people would know you for. Of course you could have more but do you think its as effective then one is then the other?
  30. H

    Gaming Hey ex youtuber looking to get back in

    Hey >;c I am a youtuber my old channel had about 2000 subs, started a brand new one with brand new equipment and everything. Looking for people to play with and enjoy. I can't stand the whole fake accent thing people do when they play so if you are one please don't do it xD I want to play. I am...