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So I've been doing youtube for about 5 years, but I started a new channel around 3 months ago and it's going pretty well. I make comedy vlogs and skits and have almost 300 subscribers and almost 10k views, nothing amazing but I'm pretty happy with it!

From you guys that have done it yourself, I'd love to know what more I have to do to grow my channel.

I share my videos on loads of different social media sites, and I'm a hugely active member of the YouTube community, yet I'm not seeing much channel growth. I'm content with where I am right now, but I'd love to see my channel develop further.

I'm considering doing some online marketing campaigns, perhaps through Virool, so if anyone has any experience with them I'd appreciate any information as it's pretty hard to find legit reviews.

I have a budget of around £100, so not much, and I'm prepared to invest as much time as it takes to help grow my channel! So any suggestions on how I could do this would be really appreciated, cheers everyone!
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Just get a camera and cry.

Don't do anything else, don't speak, don't play a games.

Just cry.

the fans will roll in.
your channel link isn't working so I'll just suggest of the top of my head:

1) work on your content firstly, the money and time is probably better spent on your quality and equipment for your videos first and foremost.
2) really listen to your audience, find out who they are in your analytics, what voids they killed best, ask them to comment what they liked so you know what worked best.
3) keep it up. I didn't see much improvement in 5 years either. But now at 9+ years the channel is growing :)
You said you have been making videos for 5 years?...

Then you should know by now that you should NEVER see youtube as a cash cow. What happened to treating this as a hobby, trying to improve the quality of every video and taking baby steps? Ever since the big youtubers let onto how much money they get now everyone wants to be big youtubers to get youtube money. -_-

Why worry about an audience that you may or may not get and get on with real life and have fun making videos? (im not pointing this soley at you because alot of upcoming youtubers want to be big) But has anyone ever thought about the downside to being a big youtuber? The verbal/racial threats, the trolls, the weirdos wanting to be like you, the people wanting to hack your channel/twitter? And im getting that at my size, and im only growing at 4 new subs a day.

If you are anything like me and have your personality all over you channel and in your videos and have a real life where you focus on career e.t.c then you wont worry about being a big youtuber.