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  1. KacperDzn

    Personal editing/recording softwares!

    Hello guys, Personally, for recording I use Camtasia Studio 9 recorder. This is great for me as it is very simple to set up and is lag-free. If you are a gamer, I'd recommend OBS (Open Broadcast Software) as if you use the right settings you can get some clean gaming videos! After I record In...
  2. DePhil

    premiere pro vs. vegas pro and wich is better

    Dear Community, a lot of people asked about premiere pro and sony vegas pro. let me explain the basic differences. In fact, premiere pro has some more options, effects, settings and opportunities than vegas pro developed by Sony(13) or Magix(14), but the result is that vegas pro is easier to...
  3. B

    Sound "cut" after inserting a new video

    I've been lurking around here whenever I needed assistance with my video editing and the community has always been helpful and nice to everyone. I decided to join here to ask you kind folk if you could help me with a slight problem which I'm having. I'm new to video editing and I only do basic...
  4. Lauramillanmu

    Help! Video lags on 1080p

    Hi everyone! I'm Laura and I'm fairly new with Youtube and with editing. Lately I've been having this problem with my videos in which, in Youtube, lines appear whenever there is movement in 1080p (if you want to see what I'm talking about, just watch the intro of my newest video, lines...
  5. AdmUp

    Sony Vegas 13 Best Render settings?

    I've been using sony vegas for over 5 years... I have yet to render a video that looks as crisp and detailed as the source video and even worse when it's uploaded to YouTube. Does anyone have any tips or render settings to get the best results? I hate producing 1080p 60fps videos and they look...
  6. C

    How did you learn to edit?

    I assume the obvious, which is Youtube videos. But if you had a particularly helpful series/videos could you recommend them for myself and others who may find this thread?
  7. Tomba


    Hey YTtalk! Read below for extra trick! So as you can see I am really sick. So I thought this Sony Vegas Tutorial on the they ask you how you are effect would fit perfectly! I was so conflicted wether I would be able to keep uploading while I was sick and because I really want it to be quality...
  8. Tomba


    Read below for extra trick! Hey YTtalk! Sorry for the delay on this new Sony Vegas Tutorial, my cold was really bad in the morning and got better towards the evening. I hope you enjoyed this small but definitely awesome transition that a lot of YouTubers add to their videos. It will make your...
  9. Tomba


    Hey! This is a tutorial on how you can add a green screen in Sony Vegas 13 and 14. This is very useful to know if you plan on making videos for YouTube and such. I hope you learned something new in Sony Vegas, I just bought the new Sony Vegas 14 so I will start to use that so that people just...
  10. Tomba


    Tips & Tricks: Save your pan locations as a preset and you won't have to redo the same process each time you add a webcam or overlay in sony vegas! Thank you for watching your local banana! Stay awesome! -Tomba ---------------------------------------------------------------- Sub here...
  11. Tomba


    NEW VIDEO This is the sixth episode in my Sony Vegas Tutorial series! I hope you'll enjoy and learn something new, if you have any questions let me know here on YTtalk or in the comment section on my video. "Remember that video quality is a first step to becoming big on YouTube so why not let...
  12. Tomba

    Have a question about editing in Sony Vegas? Q&A [GURU]

    Hey! It's been really fun on this forum for the little while I've been here, people are being active like no other! So I decided to help each and everyone that have a question about my favorite video editing software. SONY VEGAS "The number one step to becoming a better YouTuber is making the...
  13. AngieAstalos

    Still picture overlay extremely distorted in Sony Vegas - HELP!

    Hey guys, I'm currently editing my next video and I need to add in a few pictures throughout the video and whenever I add any type of picture to my video, It is EXTREMELY distorted. When I add the picture to the video and its "full size" it's fine, however, when I go to pan/ crop to make it...
  14. Josh Dove

    Best CHEAP video editing laptops?

    Looking for a laptop to edit videos while traveling/in bed. I need to edit and export about 6-10 videos a day and with batch render on Sony Vegas. The amount of time it takes to render isn't the most important, but preview quality and speed is absolutely necessary. Unfortunately on a budget and...
  15. PandahFish

    Laptops and Sony Vegas Help

    Im looking for a new laptop to buy so I can use Sony vegas. My current laptop is kinda broken and doesn't support Sony Vegas. Money really isn't an issue but I also don't want to overpay on anything . What's a good/fast laptop to buy to use Sony Vegas? What do you have? Can someone please help?
  16. JonnyPie

    Best Editing Software

    Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier Pro, or maybe some other software that no one has heard about? Maybe Sony Vegas and Premier Pro are equal from your experience Suggestions, help me. Most helpful person gets lifetime supply of mountain dew
  17. JonnyPie

    Sony Vegas vs Adobe Premier Pro

    Hi men, women boys and animals of yttalk, I just wanted to know what you guys think is the superior editing software between SOny Vegas and Adobe Premier Pro. I have only used Sony Vegas so I am not sure about Premier Pro. Which one has more accessible effects, and altogether which program do...
  18. CAMBAM

    HELP!!! Sony Movie Studio Crashing!!!

    Hello. So I've never had this problem before and randomly a couple days ago when I was trying to render my video in Sony Movie Studio, it crashed with a window saying to send a report or not. At first I thought it was just random, so I exited the editor and went back in but it still didn't work...
  19. Maarij Bashir

    Best render settings for Sony vegas

    so I want to upload a video on YouTube but I don't what's the best settings (1080 had) I should render at. I'm using Sony Vegas 13.
  20. Maarij Bashir

    Best render settings for Sony vegas pro 13

  21. KeniisuYT

    Any sites that teach Sony Vegas Pro or Other Video Editing?

    Is there any sites that teach advanced Sony Vegas Pro editing or another program that is similar to it. I'm trying to learn how to make quick, motion editing similar to the ones seen in Typography or something of the sort. Thanks for any help somebody can provide. :)
  22. Djams

    Suggestions on good video editing software for a laptop?

    Hi guys! I'm a recently new vlogger and was wondering what are some good video editing software for a guy like me who owns a laptop and doesn't have access to software like iMovie which I've noticed most people on Youtube use. I was first using Sony Vegas but my laptop couldn't handle it so I...
  23. wallyboy

    Review my new video?

    im testing some new editing skils plz see if its good or not?
  24. Y0lo

    Shadowplay rendered by Sony Vegas, really laggy. Solution?

    Hello, I am recording videos with NVidia Shadowplay. The video card is GTX 750ti 2gb GDDR5 VRAM. The source videos are recorded in 1080p, 50m bitrate. The problem is, when I render these source video clips using Sony Vegas, the output is really choppy and laggy. Does Shadowplay have...
  25. K

    Clear Videos Locally, Grainy/Blurry Videos on YouTube, Want to Fix That

    I record Mario Kart Wii with the AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable on a Wii using Component input. I record at the resolution of 720x480 (highest resolution the Wii will go up to), at 30 FPS and at a bitrate of 60 mbps. I then edit and render in Sony Vegas Pro 13 (I also upscale to 720p because...
  26. M

    Request Intro Rendered in Sony Vegas[No Payment]

    I simply need an intro online. All you have to do is edit the text in the intro and render it so that I can use it in another video editing program since I don't have Sony Vegas. That's it. I think this is pretty simple. Sorry, no payment is offered.
  27. Keshipel

    Need help to find color (faded black) in Sony Vegas

    So I need to cover up the white part in this scene that says "Skip" I'm using Sony Vegas Pro 13 but I'm having problems finding the right color that matches. It's like a faded black.. I think? Plain black is too sharp and I can only draw into other colors from the black.. I tried going a bit...
  28. Shehzad

    The Video Editing Effects That I Use (What are yours?)

    The four main ones I use is (In Sony Vegas): Colour Corrector(Secondary) Saturation Adjust Colour Curves Sharpen What effects do you guys use, I'd be interested to know since I can try it out too.
  29. Zachary Thomas

    Services Anyone need a video edited?

    So I want to improve on my editing skills and I thought what better way to do that than edit more videos! So if you need any video(s) edited get with me and we can talk 1on1 and make it happen!
  30. Zachary Thomas

    Other Anyone need a video edited?

    So I want to improve on my editing skills and I thought what better way to do that than edit more! So if you need any videos edited we can get together 1on1 and get it looking exactly how you invision