1. QueenGabriella

    Feedback on Latest Video?

    Hey homies! So basically I just want some feedback on my videos. As of now I have good feedback, but any criticism is always appreciated. Soo if you'd please, check out my video below! (or I mean you can check out all of them but- wait what was my point again?)
  2. 6

    Music Singers needed for an english fan dub of an anime opening

    Hey, my channel's name is 6six6 and to be brutally honest I have no videos on my channel. I do however, have experience in video editing (just basic green screen effects, nothing to fancy) and song writing. I decided not to upload the project I was working on because reasons~ As of recently...
  3. I

    Music International Youtube Collaboration Song(Need singers/instrumentalists)

    Hello guys! I'm starting a new project that is going to feature a lot of people around the world to play a song together. I wanted to know if you're willing to be part of it! You will have to record part of the song and take a video of you playing it/singing it! I can send you a link from my...
  4. Rahi Official

    Enjoy the "Seasons"

  5. Rahi Official

    Looking back to my very first video

  6. Rahi Official

    My own song!!

  7. Pierre Maynard


    So i haven't done a Spanish video in 2 years, and i have finally made one this year! This time i played a smooth Latin based music it's relaxing and really takes you back to the beach :D Iv'e been in to Spanish guitar for about 5 years now i love it and i hope you like this video too! ;) :D...
  8. Bethanyjbee

    CLOSED - Looking for people to collab with

    Hey there! I recently took a bit of a break off of Youtube and I'm looking to get myself back into the game. I'm looking for singers, songwriters, musicians - anybody with musical talent to collaborate with and to make new friends with! You can take a look at my channel as all my singing...
  9. Jordan Levy

    Tell Me What You Think!

    Hey everyone my name is Jordan Levy, and I am a singer/musician. I post covers and original music on my channel. Please watch my video and let me know if you like my channel, and if you have any tips so that I can improve. This is my recent video:
  10. Pierre Maynard

    About my Channel!

    Hey everyone so as you know i'm Pierre, and i have been struggling with producing content on my channel so far this year. :( Not to worry though that will all change! :D I have finished another Life is Strange part 2 video which will be uploaded soon! :D But i thought it would be a good idea to...
  11. MagikMike

    MagikMike Song Mashups! Let me know what you guys think!

    Hi, I'm MagikMike and I create song mashups and occasionally other music-related content. Here is one of my mashups involving Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ariana Grande: Here is another with Linkin Park and Blink 182: Let me know what you guys think. Also, what other music-related content...
  12. Hey Jesse!

    Music Singer needed for parody!

    Hi everyone! Currently i'm in the process of making a Bart baker style parody of Jacob Sartorius "Sweatshirt" I mainly need a male to sing the song, however there is a small part that requires a female to sing it. You can email me at and tell me that your from yttalk...
  13. X

    VanossGaming Keep Her Going

    Hey, I remember seeing a video of Vanoss making a song/rhyme about keep her going. The second to last sentence rhymed on the last sentence: Keep her going. I think he said keep her going 3 times at the end. Could anybody please help me find this video?
  14. G

    Music Musicians Wanted :)

    Hi everyone! I'm a youtuber who does covers and I'm currently looking for other artists to collaborate with! I'm thinking of cross promoting by doing 2 covers, one for my channel and one for yours! You can pick any song you like for your channel and vice versa. I am currently also seeking for a...
  15. MythicalTaco

    Music Need Male/Female Singers For A COD Parody Song Cover

    The only requirement is to have a really good voice, the song will be "R. City - Locked Away ft. Adam Levine" I will do all of the editing and i will send you the lyrics to the song, but i will will need to get to know you first. So i will leave my Skype below. So after that i get to know you, i...
  16. Dylanmusic

    Feedback on the audio quality of my song.

    I am curious to get another persons opinion about the quality of my song. Thank You!
  17. Chris and Nima

    Question about music....

    I see some videos where people add well known music in their videos but still monetize. Do you try to get permission or pay for use? Seems stupid to not monitize a video cause you used a 10 second clip of someone's song.
  18. C

    Delugos Song (My own composed song!)

    For the first time in history I made my own song, I do not know if it's good but I think I did pretty well of making a catchy song. Please gimme all of yer feedback! Regards, Yer Captain!