1. J

    how to get permission/attribution from artist/singer?

    Hi experts I have a question regarding avoiding blocked video due to copyright strike. So I wanna make a reaction and mixtape videos butI I my videos got taken down due to copyright claim. My question is how to get that red & green lined writing ? How to get permission/ licence from label...
  2. Beuble

    Animation COLLABORATION pour une animation style FAN MAP sur une chanson de votre choix pour youtube.

    On Undertale, BATIM and Cuphead. Search for facilitators (pro, beginner or intermediate, French or English). I would like to do a card on a song of your choice and start with the first part. An animation in black, white and gray tones constantly moving if you can so that it does not have a lag...
  3. KattyMeel

    Music Anyone want to try and make a song?

    I’m a meh singer. Lack confidence and can’t play any instruments but there’s bound to be something I’m good at. Ideally looking for someone who is everything I’m not and by that I mean, an alright or better singer and someone with the means to actually make the music. We’re bound to have...
  4. Dzox

    Dzox - ATB (Official Music Video)

    First music video from my friend :dance:
  5. SorryNoTitle

    Music Female Singers Required!

    Hey community, I have recently made two songs, for my YouTube Channel. But I wanna do kinda like a duet. If any female singers above the age of 15 are interested, please reply ASAP. Your respective channels will be featured and stuff, so don't worry! Thankies! Nate
  6. SorryNoTitle

    Music Walkers MASSIVE Acapella Colaboration

    Hey Walkers, This is a MASSIVE collaboration of many Walkers (Fans Of EDM Legend, Alan Walker) around the World. The project is mainly an acapella cover of a mashup of all his songs up till Diamond Heart. You can either contribute to the vocals, the chords, the notes or beats. All those...
  7. musikking

    Check out this Awesome Playlist By Various Artiste Produced by Bigzim Records

    This playlist is a awesome for rocking to when you in the car, turn up at parties or even just to relax to get troubles off your mind....Check it out and please like , share and subscribe ......great artistes..they need to be heard... Check it Out: Also Check out My Channel...
  8. TeeBry

    Post Malone - Better Now (Cover By TeeBry)

  9. Mark Stise

    Copyright does that apply to a song done in 1928?

    I current project evolves a song my Helen Kane called I want to be loved by you. She sang this song in 1928 but I can't be certain that Youtube wont flag it for copyright infringement. I mean how do I find out if a song done 90 years ago is even in the public domain or not? Do anybody have any...
  10. Curiosity Ridge

    Josh Turner: Your man cover

    Hey folks! Check out my new Cover song! Country is super popular where I live so I wanted to give it a try! If you like what you see dont forget to drop a like and sub as well as comment what song you'd like to see next!
  11. Rose Smith

    Music singing Collab,

    Hey, im Rose and I have I singing channel where I post covers and original songs :) I have just started my channel this year and am trying really hard to grow it:biggrin: I was wondering if anyone would want to collab or shoutout each other channels or even just help each other grow! So we could...
  12. Boki

    Parody Song Copyright Question

    Hey guys, I want to make a video but I am having concerns over copyright. I want to make a video that contains the cover of You're So Vain in the background. Now, can I get the strike even if: it's a cover it's a butchered version (1 chorus and couple of verses) the arrangement's different and...
  13. Rose Smith

    Music Singing cover collab

    Heyo, I'm Rose!:p Im 14 and I have just started youtube this year:) Im a singer-songwriter and also do covers on youtube! Im looked for someone to collab with on a cover. So like we both do the same song or like a song from the same artist and give a shoutout to each other:blush: Email me if you...
  14. Palooza Pizza

    Pancakes, H***, Credit Card Fraud (Song)

    If you watch: thank you so much! If you give any feedback: Thank you so much!! If you subscribe: I am legally obligated to love you forever. But, If you don't watch... good move mate
  15. Kindrrr

    Piece of Ice - first song estimate!

  16. Jawad Soomro

    My first song ever

    After struggling for 2 months, I managed to produce an EDM song. I created verses and deleted every time as they didnt suit the music. So the verse lyrics and melody were produced after 5th trial.. Chorus and drops were made before the verses itself. Anyways here is my song, hope you will enjoy it.
  17. Ray Kira

    Music looking for music producers, song masters, and singers

    hey artists! I'm RayKira a song master and singer. I want to start make songs PROFESSIONALLY so, please if you are not professional enough to start working don't reply this post. I am willing to make something like Ed-Sheeran songs or maybe better so, you can email me if you are : singer \...
  18. kingmartinez1

    Music I Need 1 Rapper for a 3 artist track

    so i have this all set up already, another artist and i have recorded our parts for a song including 3 artists. but the other rapper is slacking, i need someone to fill his place. you will write and record the first verse based on the chosen topic if your interested please email me at...
  19. WitherKingBoss

    Music Need someone who can sing an anime songs (TV Size only)

    Hello, I am working on some remixes with some old and new anime songs because I love anime. This is just a thread to ask if you want your singing to be on a remix just follow these steps: 1. Message me if you have discord here WitherKingBoss#9499 and I will tell you what anime song I wanted to...
  20. Sammie

    Music You need a Music Video?

    If someone needs a Music Video done for their song that they created message me and we could get into the video. It wouldn't cost anything to be done and you could upload the video to your channel and have it as your official Music video.
  21. MC'01

    Voice Acting Looking for voices for a fanmade MLP song

    Hello, we - me and my friend - made a fanmade song in MLP style and we're looking for some voices - mostly the mane ones (Mane 6, CMC), but also some random ones, just for singing. There is a reward for that! More informations here...
  22. Pierre Maynard

    I made a Cover song what do you think?

    So i decided to make a cover song because i'm good at Guitar! :D Hope you like it :) Cover song, is Peter Murphy - Strange kind of love
  23. Dig

    Persona 3 inspired original song!

    Feeling the hype for Persona 5? What am I saying, we all are :) All the excitement over the past months got me looking back at one of my favorite series, and out popped a song! What better way to dive into a new gem than by celebrating a classic :winkphones: I hope any Persona fans lurking...
  24. Calixo

    Do you know the name of this song!??

    shot in the dark, i've been looking for ages,its a overused song from 2013, but its great!! if anyone knows please help she uses it in her video down below (hope this is the right section) /watch?v=4wBcDat_Wmg
  25. V

    Music Pianist and Guitarist needed

    My cousin and I are wanting to sing an acoustic cover of Todrick Hall's Haterz and we would like to incorporate some others into it as well. We need a piano soundtrack and a guitar soundtrack. A shout out will be at the end of the video and link in the description of the video :) ~Email me if...
  26. Benau

    Please give feedback on my new song: Versus [Future/Bass]

    Hey there everyone! Benau here. I just released my song versus on my channel, its been on YouTube before though. Could you guys give me some feedback? Thanks! - Benau
  27. Livid

    Music Singer Needed

    I need a Male or Female Singer to sing a 3 Min song and Record themselves singing it for a Music Video. (The Music video is not just going to be the person singing) I'll put your channel In My Featured section of my channel, I'll put you in the credits, and I'll put your URL In the description...
  28. SheepDreams

    Music Can anyone sing?

    Yo yo just working on some lyrics but i cant sing so wondering if anyone can sing and would like to do a chorus for something i'm working on. I have it written down and everything. Let me know thanks again :3 (Ps for the freesies) :c
  29. Jonatan Moser

    'Mary did you know' - fresh approach on a traditional foundation

    I would love some honest feedback on this cover of 'Mary did you know' that I made with a crazy talented youtuber (Maarij Bashir) that I met here on YT Talk!
  30. TeraVex

    Skylights (New Album Available For Pre-Order Link in Description)

    Skylights is a single on my new 8 track album releasing in December!