Music International Youtube Collaboration Song(Need singers/instrumentalists)

Hello guys!

I'm starting a new project that is going to feature a lot of people around the world to play a song together. I wanted to know if you're willing to be part of it! You will have to record part of the song and take a video of you playing it/singing it! I can send you a link from my last project so you can see what I mean, but this forum won't let me put a link here. It's going to be similar, only this time it's going to have many more people and not only those from Berklee.
If you want to be part of it, you will have to send me a link of one performace, instead of an audition. I just want to see what you are best at, before asking you to collaborate. It doesn't matter what your style is.
You can comment here if you are interested and I can send you more details about the project.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Iro Graonidou
Im interested......I am Professional Guitar Player[DOUBLEPOST=1476289915,1476289717][/DOUBLEPOST]Im interested......I am Professional Guitar Player