Music Singers needed for an english fan dub of an anime opening


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Hey, my channel's name is 6six6 and to be brutally honest I have no videos on my channel. I do however, have experience in video editing (just basic green screen effects, nothing to fancy) and song writing. I decided not to upload the project I was working on because reasons~

As of recently, I've been writing some English fan dubs of anime openings which is sort of what I was working on before I guess. I'm able to write and do some decent video editing (I guess) but I have no ability to sing and therefore as you can tell by the title, I am in need of people who can sing.

Of course, since I've not even a single video on my channel, there would be hardly any merit, besides help in the production of a video, for anyone who would decide to accept this collaboration. Thus, I do not expect much. I do not mind having the video posted only on your channel (For it to be uploaded on mine as well would be me being selfish and asking for too much but it would be nice).

If you are interested do contact me. As a channel with 0 videos and 0 subscribers, I cannot afford to be picky with who I collaborate with, I do not care about the quality of your singing, just your willingness to sing for this collaboration. About the songs we can do, I've written an English fan dub for, Naruto shippuden openings 6 and 8, Watamote's opening, Death parade's opening, Overlords opening, Mirai Nikki's first opening and several others. I wouldn't mind writing and English fan dub of any song you request as well. As for the quality of my lyrics, since I have no content on my channel for you to gauge it, just contact me and I'll send you the lyrics. Just contact me through YouTube, obviously, for any of this. Or you can also send me an email, Should you accept, I propose using skype as our medium of communication for our collaboration.

Thank you very much.